LSOF devotional: Treasures Of All Kinds ~Psalm 33:11

Friday, May 12, 2006
Little Steps Of Faith: Treasures of all kinds

Psalm 33:11

” But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all genertions.”

I love the fact that God’s plans for us are never changing. It’s like no matter who we are, or where we are in our lives that God chose some special treasure for each of us. Heaven of course is the best one, but we have to come to be encouraged that it is not the ONLY one.
Some may say, ” Count your blessings..” , but it goes deeper than that. because God has given us more in our lives then we’ll ever be able to comprehend.
I think one of my most favored treasure would be the gift of Love. Knowing God’s love, and that He has given it to me to pass on to others.
Think about it, God entrusted me to have a piece of His heart. How many people do you know, that would give up a piece of their heart without hesitation?
Love bears all things, grows and flourishes in our heart, and nothing can seperate us from it.
But I also need to add that the treasures we are given, don’t always seem fair.
Think of something you might be going through right now. Did you ever think the hard times could be seen as a blessing? Probably not.
A friend told me that when I was diagnosed with ADD, that it was something I would have til’ the day I died. Pretty depressing, but only if you look at it that way.
God trusted me to have it, He created me that way. Instead of being depressed, instead, it brings joy. We have to understand that some gifts are given not because we choose them, but because we are chosen to have them.
Spending time dwelling on it all day, it will truly take away your identity and joy.
My mother has an incurable disease, she has had it since she was my age. Maybe for me it was tough as a child, but more so because I used to look at her and see hopelessness.
But when I realized I was looking at it from a different view, it changed my perception completely.
My mom may get sick a lot, but during the times she isn’t she is right there for others, and enjoying life, I believe she has accomplished more that most do in a lifetime, but she’s learned not to let her illness overcome her life, but instead be seen as almost a blessing.
She learned early on that she may not be on this earth much longer, so has definitely lived everyday fully as if it were her last.
Whatever treasures God has given you in life, remember to do just that, treasure them, remind yourself that He had handed it to you with purpose, and completely trusted you to handle it, Show Him that you can, and live a full life everyday.
In Jesus,
Angie Sarich

Just some thoughts….
In His arms is where I feel the safest, at peace, and like nothing in the world can bring me harm, where not even the heat from the sun could scorch my skin if I hold on tight enough, and the winds will not be able to move me where I stand, I am His daughter, and He sees me as the most wonderful treasure one could find in the sea, and if anyone in this world would say any different about me, it wouldn’t matter one bit, because I only believe in the one that does miracles, not those who expect them from me.~ A.Sarich

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