poem: with and without

I wrote this poem tonight for my friend whose mom passed away. Hopefully it encourages you too.

With and Without
By: Angie Sarich

The sun is silenced by the clouds
the water falls from the sky
as the avalanche
of emotion covers the soul.

You fall to the ground
gasping for breath
because the transition
you life has taken
Is to much to take in.

But I know you,
The strength in you
it out weighs many,
and your heart
it carries the closure
you have helped others have
throughout the years.

People like you are rare.

I know this time
You feel like a smile
is as far as the horizon,
but thats the just the darkness of reality,
that your mind can only fathom at the moment.

I know without doubt that there is flame
within you, that burns brighter
than the pain you feel.

Look into yourself, see the beauty
that you carry within everyday.

And through this, you will overcome.

I know this. Without a doubt.

Matthew 18:20

“When two or more are gathered in my name I am there also.”

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