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I think I have recently come to the conclusion that I have to just let God move in my life, and not be afraid to step up and take the calling He has given me.
However, for me it will mean putting a whole life behind me.
Some of my friends are going to have to go for awhile, and I am going to really focus during school on getting a place of my own, and not let myself get caught up in things that really can’t matter at this point.
My heart cry, while I love to teach children, I know my calling is to teach the word of God, from there I don’t know what I am to do yet, I used to think being a Pastor would be so far from me, but who knows, I just know whatever I choose to do, it will be for the glory of God.
I am tired of fighting for my faith, I am tired of being ridiculed by my family, and my friends, and work.
I spoke to God tonight, and I told Him I know in His eyes He sees me the same way as He did as a child.
My name is ” Angela ” for a reason, and I have known that since birth, and all my friends who have known me for years, know I have always been just a slight different from them.
So this blog is a start of my committment, to however much longer I am stuck in captivity, I am no longer going to back down.
I was reading Ezekiel tonight, and I never have, I just opened it, and it was as if the words from the beginning were being shouted to me.
So long self.


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