You Believed By: Angie Sarich

This is a poem that I feel needed to be written. I feel like it wrung out completely and truly how we need to know God sees us. Have you ever thought about that? I think we don’t often realize how much God just is pleased that at the end of the day, We just continue to go on believing, no matter who we are, or the position we have in life.
I don’t know if this fits your story, but I am sure, God is saying something to your heart, that you have overcome in life.

You Believed
By: Angie Sarich~
The sunlight turned from your face
and the wind started to beckon in
A shadow of doubt started to enter your soul
And yet you still believed.
They called you names like, ” Holy Roller,” and ” Almighty”,
and spit on what you knew to be true.
And yet you still believed.
I am so proud of my child
In the depths of the darkness
You called out my name,
in fear you didn’t run too far.
you fell to your knees and prayed.
I created you, and yet
I am amazed at the life you lead
I gave you free will to serve me,
and yet you have gone far beyond.
You were lost in the confusion that life brings
People handed you illegal things,
you let them fall through your fingers to the ground.
In the temptations of this world,
You still believed.
I knew you were never gonna be perfect,
I wanted you to just be you.
and you believed,
Even when your heart felt shattered in pain,
you believed,
when you saw those pills sitting on the counter,
you believed,
When the blade sat next to your skin,
you believed,
When anothers life, was in your control,
you believed.
When you saw the bottle of vodka under the counter, inches away,
you believed,
When those you love, walk away,
you believed,
When you didn’t have to. YOU DID.
” Well done, good and faithful one,
Great is your reward.”

Finding fabulous fares is fun.

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