Little Steps Of Faith: The Communication Gap Part 1

LSOF: The Communication Gap Part 1

I was at work yesterday, and a gentleman of Spanish descent came in and wanted to get a loan or sell one of his items. However, I had a hard time trying to understand exactly what he was wanting to do.

I tried talking in english normally, but each word I said seemed to confuse him more, finally I just tried anything and the words, ” Hasta Luego TV?” came out of my mouth. I heard laughter from the office behind me, it sounded funny, but the truth of that matter was there was a communication gap that I was not able to connect.

Luckily, a co-worked came in the room that spoke spanish, and was able to determine what the gentleman decided he wanted to do with his item.

The Communication gap between us and God’s people:

The thought occured to me this morning that the same story could relate in different context.

We all have created a communication gap at one time or another, if even for a moment.

It’s quite sad to think that as full of the Holy Spirit we strive to be, the more empty the world around us seems to become.

These are some particular truths I want to stress though they may seem obvious to you at first, really think on it for a moment:

1. Not everyone is a Christian.

People most of the time will definitely answer if you ask, ” Yes, I believe in God.” However, we can’t take that as set in stone. We don’t know that person’s heart, only God does.
So we must ALWAYS treat that person or people with a seeker-sensitive faith.

Try not using flowery churchy words like: I was saved on this day…or the Holy Spirit really convicted me today with this….( this is a big one). Try making it simpler for them, and be creative.

Instead try maybe something like:

saved: I was really going through a horrible time in my life when suddenly my heart was changed because God was like this light that entered my soul, and made all the darkness I felt disappear.

convicted: I was going about my day today when I felt like something was telling me I needed to take care of that.

2. Not everyone knows the bible.

Just like children when we don’t understand something and someone just keeps repeating the lesson in the same way, more frustration occurs until their is a wall built and the lesson is now unteachable.

God wants us to learn His word, and He wants us to lead others to it.

Most of the time you will hear people say that they think the bible is just full of stories just like Aesop fables.

This is why knowing the word is vital because you can’t teach something you aren’t sure if you really know! or just because someone tells you about it through a grapevine!

God doesn’t want His word to be gossip, He wants it read!

I was speaking with a girl who was Wiccan, and she had never thought of reading the bible but she respected my faith, and was interested in why it was so wonderful to me.

I just started reading out of the bible but because I had READ it BEFORE I could stop and tell her what was going on in each part in modern context. She didn’t close up her ears, instead she told me that she enjoyed it. And really understood what it was saying to her. The rest is up to God.

Encourage people to search for answers themselves. My first bible, when people would teach me verses I may not have understood right away what the verse meant, so instead I would write their name down and the date they taught it. Since then, it has become a picture album to my life!

Bottom line: Keep communication open for others to find their way to God, and let God use you, but just you, and the story of your life. Let His word start to fill hearts.

You aren’t perfect. No one is, but God.

Just do what you can, and keep the spotlight of you, and help others communicate with God.

3 thoughts on “Little Steps Of Faith: The Communication Gap Part 1

  1. Hi, Angie!! Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely add you to myspace! Great blogs and hope to talk to you soon. Oh, and I just moved from Central Florida about 5 months ago!!alicia


  2. Hi! I found your blog by way of Beth Moore’s website. You are the one who responded to my question regarding the Holy Spirit. I know I shouldn’t have posted that question there but I have heard that before and I really wanted to know what it means. I truly feel I have a strong relationship with the Lord, I know I am saved, I am confessed up, I am not in some sinful cycle. I even facilitate bible studies at my church. I really do have a relationship with God. It just frustrates me when I know there is more of Him and I am not experiencing it. I appreciate your response and I wish you had said more. I am very interested. Blessings to you!Karla


  3. Hi Karla:-)I have been struggling of what to say to you about the Holy Spirit.And I think the best answer I can give more than just asking, is to be expectant, put on some praise music and just be still. Listen and close your eyes, picture Jesus, do whatever works for you, but I promise you, God will show up! See what happens, and keep me posted:-) Thanks for writing:-)


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