LSOF: Be Anxious not for ANYTHING…

LSOF: Be Anxious not for ANYTHING….It’s just not worth it.

Phillipians 4:1-

” Rejoice, again I say rejoice. Let your gentleness be known to all. Be anxious not for ANYTHING, but in EVERYTHING with careful prayer, petition and thanksgiving, let
ALL your requests be known to God, and the peace of God that transcends all understanding, will GUARD your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”

My Dear friends, Even at this moment I am dealing with something in my life that seems so easy to be anxious. But I know the power of our living God will overcome it ALL.

My Pastor was recently rushed to the hospital tonight, and another friend was rushed to the hospital for cutting himself, and in all this, it might be easy to say, WHAT IS GOING ON?

The truth though, I know is that God’s plans are all for good, and He knows exactly what He is doing.

I rushed right to the prayer center, and I think in the mid- of falling to my knees I opened the door, threw my purse and jacket to the ground, and just PRAYED. I prayed, and prayed, and said PHIL 4 over and over. I went through the bible and just started reading scripture aloud, and fast and trembling on each verse…I was desperate for God to move!

Above all things, we must remember that when we let God handle the BIG stuff in our lives, that the little things come easier to handle.

I don’t know the outcome of either of these situations, I only know that God’s will WILL be done, and I am confident that He is working right now, and He is bringing peace, and healing, that He is watching over His children, and that He acknowledges our very specific and general prayers.

Something happens when we pray, its like heaven opens up wide to hear every little sweet small voice of prayer, that when we let God know we know He is in control that it not only motivates us, but probably Him as well. He WANTS us to pray, HE WANTS US TO KNOW IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM!

So fear not my loved ones, God is there, He is always there, and even in a shadow of doubt, you can see him shining through!

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