LSOF: The Intimate Portrait

LSOF: The Intimate Portrait

This is how I picture myself in Jesus’s time.

As soon as everyone was soundly asleep
I crept through the house to the front door slowly,
The moon wasn’t showing itself that night
so the path was guided by star light.

I stopped in the doorway, making sure I was alone
and with a deep breath I took on the shadows around me.

There was a chill in the air, and my surroundings
seemed to be so uninviting, but I kept on.

A few miles down the road it became steep, and
it made me wish that I had put on my sandals,
but I was to eager to be at my destination.

As i finally was able to grasp the height of the hill
my eyes were overcome with such shock;
There before me, was a cross.
And on that cross,
was the reason I then
fell down to my knees.

” No.” I cried, ” My eyes are deceiving me!”

But what I saw was indeed very real.

Death was looking me right in the face.

I crawled over to the cross, tears pouring down
and I curled my whole body around the bottom.

I couldn’t look up, it hurt to see the one suffering above me;
and as a fixed myself there, I felt the trickling of blood.

I sat there the rest of the night with my back against the wood,
and my knees to my chest, Even though He was gone,
I couldn’t leave His side.

The stars disappeared from sight, and the air became colder.
A crack of thunder startled my posture, and I closed my ears.

The eeriness of the night seemed to elevate itself with such
power to frighten me, and I indeed was, but still
I couldn’t bare to leave His side.

I instead lowerd my head to the ground,
and wept.

I didn’t open my eyes when I heard a voice speak to me.

” My dear one, Death is only an image, do not be afraid of it, without LIFE there cannot be death. The image you see may bring you pain, but all of it is done for a greater purpose, which you will come to understand. And things are not always as they seem in front of us.”

The voice spoke no more, and I fell into a deep sleep.

A rush of wind awoke me as the sunrise intrigued my sight so much that I felt as if
I was seeing it for the first time.

I looked up and I was there alone, I stepped back and took a long gaze.
Again, I thought my eyes had deceived me.

I turned around, and there face to face was the one who loved me, who died for me, and now had risen.

I leaped into His arms, and He spun me around.

When my feet were placed once again on solid ground. I looked at Him, and He said in a sweet whisper.

” Thank you for being there.

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