LSOF Poem: A Different Kind

A Different Kind
By: Angie Sarich

Have you ever stopped to wonder of
the journey our hearts take each moment
of our lives,
Wherever our eyes find the beauty in
this world, our hearts follow.

A sunset, the laughter of a child,
a flower blooming for the first time….

Its all beautiful, but not just because
of how we see it on the outside,
but because we know the story.

It makes me think of people I know,
and some I wish I had known.

There are some that have such a story,
that I could never find enough words to write
to reflect the beauty that is carried with them
every moment.

There is not a perfect enough melody of music
to describe perfectly how the background
of their life should sound.

I see in those people, a light, filled with such
color that sometimes its often hard to look at
them without smiling.

Love changes lives, and it starts with one heart,
and God ignites something so powerful,
and becomes contaigous to the entire earth.

A true beauty.

I feel very strongly that if enough love
filled this earth,
Hunger would not exist,
Anger would not overcome
Hate would not have room to ever start
And the Enemy would have to turn
in a resignation.

So wherever you find beauty, know love
is staring right back,
and can take on anything
if we let it.

2 thoughts on “LSOF Poem: A Different Kind

  1. sweet words. angie, thanks for your comment! i am home for the weekend, with access to all of my writings – so maybe i’ll post something! i love this entry – my favorite place to find beauty IS in the laughter of a child. oh my, don’t they bring so much JOY to life. and make you forget all of your troubles? i hope you’re doing well!love,erin


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