I decided to take me and my momma to Clearwater beach on the gulf coast for a day. It was awesome, believe me its the best mini vacay that anyone could enjoy:)
You can just dig your feet in the sand while in the water(w/no waves), and find full conch shells and sand dollars.
My favorite part of the day is when God blew my mind; I am walking back on the sand furthest from the beach, and I think to look down and see something that could possibly be a shark tooth, so I pick it up and examine it and walk along.
Then after I walk like a a few more steps I look down again, and pick up somethingelse, this time it IS a shark tooth!
I felt like God had just spoken loud and clear,
” Ang, what you are holding is NOT a shark tooth, let me show you a REAL one.”
I am not sure if He was trying to send me a true message, but it was definitely something I will always remember, my mom got a laugh at it as well.
Have a great day:)

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