Spending the day with Me


I spent my day off this tues; subbing for art at a local elementary school here.
I never feel more in my element than in the classroom.
I am not artistically brilliant, I can write, but anythingelse I am reduced to
stick figures.
I love just seeing the look on each childs face; and I am not the kind of sub that is about busy
work, please, I have ADD, I can stand as still as the kids can lol.
I always come prepared in case the teacher doesn’t have anything ready.

The kids did appreciation cards, but I knew that would only take a few minutes, so I
decided to try something that would rack their imagination.
I had them all pretend to be up in an hot air ballon, and they were to draw me what they saw from so high up on the ground.

They did fine. I love it though, because whenever I sub there is always one teacher that wants to tell me they think it would be good if they stayed with me. Eventually, they always leave though, once they see that I have class control.

So that was my day until 1:30pm.

After that I decided to go with just myself to the movies, and then I went with Me to the bookstore, and also enjoyed a cup of coffee.

At the end of the day, just being with me. Was worth it.

We all need that sometimes.

You are loved.


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