Amazing Experiences

This is something that I wrote to Nichole Nordeman; and she posted on her site.
I think it would be awesome to sit across from her and just listen to where all her little lyrical ideas come from. I would love to sit and have a mint mocha latte at Starbucks, and just LISTEN, some others I would love to sit down with as well: Beth Moore, Cady Mcclain, Janna Long, Jewel, Billy Joel, Martina Mcbride, and probably Tammy Trent .
Actually, I got to sit down with Tammy Trent once, she prayed with a friend and I, it was before 9/11 had happened. Her husband Trent, he was a very good and kind person, I am honored that I got a chance to meet him.
Hope you all enjoy, and feel free to comment with your own experiences:)

11/29/2005 – Submitted by Angie
dear nichole,i wanted to share this thought, because it is something your songs all together have taught me.i tell everyone i know this at one point. i am so glad you are the writer you are, it really helps and inspires me in my writing. and i don’t know if you do this, but i have a little sketch pad, that any concept i have come to my mind, i put a cloud on the paper and write out the concept. i write things people have said to me, and the dates they’ve said it. i write out song lyrics i liked. and just basically anything god puts on my heart. if you desire something so much in your life, as long as it is in line with his plan, all will be fine.i hope you faired the hurricane okay. i know you are from that area. i’m sure you have a lot to write about. but something beth moore said, ” sometimes god has to bring an earthquake to break us.” it is very true, and out of tragedy will also be triumph. jeremiah 29:11.ending thought: everyone has a story, and whether it is the fact they’ve had a good or bad life, still it is a story they can share. when they share it with you, treasure it with all your heart, because it is something meant to be apart of your story too. god brought that to my heart this week. be blessed:-)angie

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