LSOF: The Heart Of A Survivor

LSOF: The Heart Of A Survivor

I love how God works sometimes. He even has plans for our gifts, and how we will use them.

Honestly, for me, as a writer, when a message starts in my head, I always get it in bits and pieces, sort of a parable to my soul.

I was driving home from work and pictured the fish in my backyard pond…and that is where it began.

” If the purpose does not exceed the pain the answer is NO.”

” You ask me why God let it happen to me, I ask why did He let it happen to you?”

These are statements made by Beth Moore this morning on Life Today.

She has had a history of pain her life, just like you and I, but the message came straight from God’s heart; He wants us to know HE has a purpose for all of us.

No matter what we have been through!

Now, let’s go back to my fish pond.

For months here in FL, we have a had a serious drought, to the point you could walk clear across the dry lake beds.

Our pond looked the same.

At one point we had 30 some fish that lived there, and slowly the birds came, and the dryness became the death of the little ones.

One day, I was walking on top of the deck and peered into the dry pond; there was still water, but maybe 2 inches all together.

I noticed something, it looked like a dead orange goldfish was in the middle of it all, and I was like, ” Okay, this is gross, where is the skimmer.”

I got the skimmer, and put it in the water from underneath the fish, and suddenly, ” Splash” the fish jumped to life!

This poor fish, had barely any life left in him, he had hardly any water for oxygen, it only half covered him, and he had nothing to eat.

I honestly, do not know how he survived.( I think you might know where I am going with this:)

I went to the side of the house and immediatly began filling the pond again.

For months, the poor thing was laying in there, and if I was that fish, I have to tell you, I don’t know if I would have been able to survive waiting so long for help.

I fed the fish, and the water came to a good point, and my father fixed the liner the next weekend. The fish was alive, and loving life!

We got more fish from the store, and were pretty hesitant after what happened with the first batch, but decided it would be worth another try.

From the first time we put the new fish in the pond, I noticed how the old fish reacted.

Immediatly, that fish taught them something he was forced to learn on his own…how to survive.

Whenever I go outside, I can tell you that those little fish do nothing, without making sure that big fish is at their side!

Talk about discipling!

We all go through things in our life, but there really is a purpose for it.
Somewhere along the way, we have to help someonelse see through their own pain,
and struggles.

I have a friend that knows me better than anyone, and whenever I would go through something, I would apologize for not being more with it.

Her reply would always be, ” I just figured you were walking through your wilderness again.”
In that statement alone, what wasn’t said was, ” And I knew you would come out of it.”

When you first ever go to a counselor, like I have, or first speak of your pain, my counselor described it as opening a container in the refrigerator that has been there for ten years!
Wow, I would not want to even take a breath of how bad the odor would be lol.

Still, you have to open it, you have to begin to admit that you are desperate for change in your life, and eventually the stench of your past will disappear.

Not completely, but enough to know that you were given the life you have for a reason, and it is for a greater purpose then maybe where you stand right now.

We have to keep in our minds daily with whatever we go through that we will indeed come out of it, and we will GROW!

Do all you can your life to take your next breath!

Be Blessed:-)


4 thoughts on “LSOF: The Heart Of A Survivor

  1. Mmmm… glad that we will ‘come out of it (our wilderness)’ in Jesus Name!Cracking up that you saved the goldfish – but I love it. And I love your simple focused heart of praise towards Him. Bless you sister.


  2. Hey!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Sorry I am just now getting back to you…but it’s been a bit crazy!This post was encouraging. You have some great words, girl. And it’s so funny that you talk about drout. Because, here in Houston we’ve been gettting PLENTY of rain. I mean, we’re kinda getting tired of it. It’s starting to flood areas of Texas, and we’re just not happy. But, once again, I have to remind myself that the rain is GOOD. We need it. Because come August we’ll be begging for it. So, for now, I will have to embrace the rain. :)Hope you’re having a great week!


  3. You Rock!I would have saved the fishy too. I actually prayed over a cat that was run over in the street (my friend and I named him Lazarus)…stopped traffic and had a ton of residents looking at us like we were crazy, but sure enough, after about 15 min of praying…Lazerus shed his grave clothes and ran away. (uh and my friends son cried ’cause we wrapped up the dead cat with his shirt ha ha ha)Anyhooo, love the blog…love you too…sure hope you’re having fun!Ciao for now,KAT 😉


  4. Loved your post. It was very encouraging. I love how God speaks to us through personal circumstances–like the parables Jesus told His disciples. God speaks in those personal sitations in our lives so we understand Him. He is so awesome!Blessings!Angela


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