LSOF: Remembering a Hero

July 19, 1999; the phone call came that I threw my life into complete shock; My aunt called to tell us my Pop Pop had passed away.

At this moment, I am staring at an old photograph of Emmanuel Salvador Giglio, when he was apart of the U.S Navy.

He had on a white sailor hat, and a navy blue uniform, white stripes on his collar and sleeves.

I wanted to share a poem I came across tonight as I began to write.

” I love thee with thy breath, Smiles, tears of all of my life!-and if God choose, I shall love thee better after death.” – Elizabeth Barret Browning.

The last part of the poem really caught my attention; I never thought I would actually know more about my Pop Pop after his death; I honestly thought I would forget the memories of him. I am thanking God that it wasn’t true.

I will first tell you, that I am so proud to have been able to be his grandchild, and I am honored to have ever known him.

A couple days before he passed, he called me.
His foot was recently amputated due to turning gangreen from diabetes, and I just know it had to have tore him apart.

On this day when he called though, he seemed so happy; like he really treasured just hearing my voice. In the past, he never liked being on the phone, but this time it was I that didn’t have the time to talk.
But, I do know and remember that we said our goodbyes.

I have to mention to you, how strong of a person that he was; tried to seem like a tough guy a lot of the time; like he didn’t want to be bothered.( kinda like the grandpa in Heidi). But I knew I was blessed in having that deeper connection with him. He was the most caring and supportive person you would ever meet.

One time, when my mom got a ticket on the highway, my grandfather walked over from his car, ” Excuse me officer, but what’s the problem?” My mom was a grown adult and even then he still watched after her.

When he was in the Navy, his duty was keeping watch of the ship.
He went off duty for break, but when he returned the guy who took over
for that brief time. Was shot, and died.

He had at least five heartattacks, and survived a severe childhood.

God had a real purpose for his life.

When he was buried, I had written him a letter, that was placed inside the casket with him. Everyonelse thought it was silly, like he wasn’t going to be able to read it. But truly that wasn’t the point of writing it.
I just wanted him to know he was always apart of my heart, that I’d always keep him close.

The cross that held roses is in my room hanging by my bedside. It makes me feel so safe sleeping at night, knowing I don’t just have Jesus there, but my grandfathers heart once held that cross.

He always helped me color inside the lines of my life; I know I was and am special to him.

Regardless of what the family has said, I know he is proud of me.

Pop Pop, I know you are with Jesus. I know you must be having a blast. I love you. I’ll see you again someday. Love, angela

In rememberance of my hero….

7 thoughts on “LSOF: Remembering a Hero

  1. hey siesta.what a beautiful way to honor your “pop pop”. sweet sweet memorial.glad to meet you in blogworld…. and thankful for your songlist today!


  2. LSOF, Princess, I will be praying for you through this time. I was very close to my Grandpa, and even after many years of HIM passing over to Heaven, some days I miss him, but the little Truths that he instilled in me are there and growing…praying that HIS presence is sweet to you as you remember your “pop pop” Love in Christ, Me


  3. Hey Siesta,Thank you for your sweer comment! I know, I felt slightly embarassed after I left my comment at LPM but it’s true! I read your tribute to your “Pop Pop” it was very so touching. I have to tell you though I was kind of shocked when I read his name! My maiden name is Giglio and guess what else my Dad and my brothers name is… Salvatore! Isn’t that crazy. Was your “Pop Pop” Sicilian? My Dad is right off the boat from Sicily. Anyway, I thought that was neat! Blessings!Suzi


  4. Sweet sweet words. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I’m so sorry for your loss and I will keep you and your family lifted up in prayer.Hugs from a fellow Siesta.


  5. Angela,I read your post on LPM blog. Thank you for encouraging us to check out other blogs. I love your tribute to your grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful man and you have wonderful memories to cherish. I’ll pray for you and your family as you remember him this time of year. Blessings in Christ–Shonda


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