LSOF: The Friend that loves at all times

I have known my Pastor’s family since 1997, I was 17yrs. old when I started attending church there, and I am now almost 27yrs.old. Ten years!

They are very special people in my life, have seen me through so many life events, the good and the bad.

Debbie, my Pastor’s wife, has had the most influence over me since I started there.

The title of this devotional is because she gave me a picture with a bear that says, ” A friend loves at all times.” I am actually looking at it sitting on my TV right now.

God definitely planned it so perfectly to how I came apart of the church.

I was looking for a job, and my mom found a church needing a nursery worker during service, and I remember not wanting to call, because it was a church.

I did though, it was about 9pm, thinking I would just leave a message, but 15 minutes later, Pastor David called me back. I went in to interview the next afternoon.

I only worked in the nursery for a few months, it was just something about listening through the walls hearing praise music.

I grew up Catholic, so it was so strange to me; I mean at the Catholic church I attended, no one really knew anyone, and everyone would head for the door as soon as the Priest walked out.

Holding hands to pray, I can tell you I was terrified at first, but working there I knew I had to try to fit in. Afterall, it was my job.

Who knew how much God would continue to change my life from that point.

Debbie, I think she felt the tap on her shoulder to take me under her wing, and disciple me, very early on in knowing me. However, I didn’t see it.

She would bring me newpaper clippings of poetry contests, and invite me to church events, but more so, she has always been the one to help me in discerning situations.

For example, tonight I walked up to the church, they were having a block party for the neighborhood , and I had missed it, but decided to take my dog and walk up there anyway.

I met up with her family at church when I got up there, searching for water for my poor dog, and talked to them briefly.

” Angie, you should not be walking in the dark.” she said.

I answered, ” Oh, I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

and then the finger pointed at me, ” No, you need to listen to me.”

Can I remind you I almost 27yrs. old 🙂

I know she cares a great deal what happens to me, and there have been times where I can be unbelievably stubborn, but I guess dealing with me for 10yrs, she just is used to it, and can put me in my place, so easily.

The scary part is, she is always right. When she tells me to be careful in other situations; its like God gives her a glimpse of what will happen. And most of the time it HAPPENS.

I gotta tell you its hard to break from youth to adult when you have people in your life that look at you and still see you the same way they always have, and its not their fault. The thing is you have to show them that you know what you are doing.

After she pointed her finger at me, I answered, ” Yea, I did say I would listen better to you.”

My favorite memory though, is when we were sitting down at church, and ” Jesus will still be there” was being played. I think I had given my life to Jesus maybe a year or so ago at that point.

I started to cry, and she grabbed ahold of my hand.

” I know you feel like you want to give up, but God will never give up on you, and neither will I.” And has always stayed true to that word!

When I tell you they have seen me through many things in my life. I am being completely serious.

There was a time when after my grandfather died that I didn’t want to go back to church, and I was gone for a few months. I got a card from the women’s group, but just figured they did that for everyone, so I just stayed away.

One morning, I was driving around the area my Pastor’s family lives, and I felt that pull to go over. I did, and they were glad to see me. I think I had to have been over there a good few hours.

When I came back to church, I remember walking in, and looking towards the stage. Suddenly, I got a tap on my shoulder. It was Debbie. She gave me a hug and said, ” I am glad you’re here.”

So generally I don’t talk to her much except Sundays, but she is one of those people that I know God placed in my life to really teach me, and I let the dust fall on me.

I am sure there has never been anything she has told me that wasn’t God led.

The moto of this site came from words she told me in an email regarding Christians.

” True Christians will not only talk the talk, but they will also walk the walk.
You can tell by observing their behavior whether they truly know Jesus.
Sure they will make mistakes, but you’ll be able to tell by the life they lead. “

Debbie; as I have told you is an absolute awesome person, and if anyone will speak the hope of Jesus, she does!

I will also mention she has been the one to try to keep me motivated with school. I have heard, ” You need to get that degree” several times over the years.
She recently got her teaching degree, and received the First Year Teacher award.

As I have gotten older it has been cool to see how my church has grown and changed too.

I look forward to how God will place me into a ministry at the church, and how we will change the relationship with others around me, like Debbie, as I continue to mature in Christ.

I know I have been Blessed!!!!!

3 thoughts on “LSOF: The Friend that loves at all times

  1. When God sends someone into your life to look afer you, you can take it personally. HE has done that to me too, and only HE knows how much that means to a Princess heart! Love you Princess, you are a “Rock Star”…just perservering to know HIM more, and love HIM more. Keep writing I am reading!


  2. Funny, I kind of wonder why the Lord puts people in my life, but I see why.Your reflection is wonderful; however, something tells me that your reflection leans toward a farewell note…not for you to leave your church, but for you to step out of that process of you being the one needing…to you being the one giving. You know what it is to have that in your life, and you know just how needed it is…time to grab someone’s hand yourself and step out.When we talked the other night, I felt a sense of you still needing mentoring in a way – I guess a step beyond what is emotional into more spiritual. But, I also felt like you need to spring from where you are in order to REALLY get where you are going.MUCH LOVEPK :)(You do know I treasure you – don’t you princess?)


  3. Hi there!”I look forward to how God will place me in ministry” Sweety, you’re already there….Your blog has ministered to me and I’m sure many others. We all from time to time have our doubts, and shy away at times, but we serve a very patient and understanding God. I look forward to watching you grow, and thank you for blessing me!!!Til He Comes,Deborah


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