Blog Sabatical

Hi Siestas!

I have been sitting here and praying for the last few hours, and have decided to keep the devotionals quiet for a few days. I need to just sit and refresh, and let God’s spirit just take hold of me.
I have been staying up too late, and I just feel like SO much has come for me to write about that I need to stop and take it all in.
Before I say another word.

I love you all:)


8 thoughts on “Blog Sabatical

  1. I’ll be praying for new revelations in your time of rest. I love it when He says to be still…and know…BUT, i will be checking in on you still….LOL


  2. praying for your time and writing to be sweet! I will try not to bug if your back yet…if you take too long you will know exactly what i mean..Princess to Princess


  3. We’ll miss you! But we know that God is so sweet and good to us and whatever it is He wants you to hear from Him in this time I pray you will not miss it! Thanks for all you contribute to this blog world! Soak Him in…


  4. R U back yet? Praying for you. Told you I would try not to bug if your back yet…just had to let you know that you are thought about and prayed for!


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