You guys are great:)


I am truly blessed with my siestas! I get my comments sent to email,
so I have seen what you sweet people left me:-) Thanks so much for the thoughts:-)

I am still actually on sabatical; It is something where I give more of me to God,
so more of Him can stand out in me.

I started my new job, well, old company, but this time coming back making much more than when I left.

My old manager brought me in, and it is so cool that we actually get to work together again,
the only thing is, the same expectations are there, and I guess they are instilled in me, just to work my knees off…so far I have been there 3 days, and Oh goodness, I have worked SO hard!

She was the one to give me the pay rate, and she told me she gave me the highest she could. So that was pretty awesome to know I was appreciated.
Quick story on this; I always ministered to her constantly while working for her, wrote her cards with just verses, and I gave her a phenomenal book, which I encourage you to check out called, ” His thoughts towards me.” It is so beautiful; She tells me even now she still has it and reads it often.
I quit on the same day she transfered to another store. We both were never treated with respect while we were there, the other managers would yell at her in front of me.

Now, the store she is at, it is AMAZING at the amount of respect she has from everyone, including the store manager. God has helped her persevere; really He has helped us both after all we went through at the other store.

Anyway, God has been SO awesome though, I mean He’s God, so it really goes without saying, but I am SO excited to see what He has planned in the future.

I’ll be taking the Disciple class at my church, and I really want to try ” Breaking Free” study..I have the book too, but I think it would be a beautifully life changing study, well both of them actually!

Debbie, has been bugging me to take the Disciple class forever, and I didn’t really understand the importance until a month ago, and now I CAN’T wait to dig in.

I will probably be back early this next week.

One thing I am going to start adding to the end of the devotionals is

“Steps to Prayer” – and I will post at the bottom some things others say they really need to pray about.

Until then…I would appreciate your prayers for my momma.
She is having still SO much pain,
and it affects me greatly as far as my attitude around others.
I just want to see her well, just spend time with her and know she is feeling okay.

Its just about..
Less of me more of YOU Lord!

I love you siestas, you ROCK!

Talk to you soon:-)

Oh, if any of you want to email me, the address is Its also the IM too!


One thought on “You guys are great:)

  1. miss you! Glad that you could post us!Breaking Free is life changing, that is where I started in this journey. ANd believing God is the other one…I will pray for you through all your changes and your mom. Also that is also my prayer for more of HIM and less or none of me.all eyes on Jesus!!! I am so in this with you!!! Love you, adding you to IM..I am crazymm186 checking you out soon..princess to princess!


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