The Award and My Top Ten

I have just been awarded by my sweet blog siesta Faith:-)
She is an amazing person, and her story is her name:)
Always so encouraging, and I love reading her blog:)
I am passing the award to:/>
Suzi, The Fabry Family;
Lindsee Lou
Unshackled, Abby:-)
God’s Gal, Deb
and why not miss Amanda at LPM:-)

I just love what these ladies have to say about their family life, and their life with Jesus:-)
Be Blessed:-)

Sorry, this won’t be as fun as David Letterman…
but here are the
Top 10 things about me..

1. I learned to crawl on my back as a baby.

2. I knew all constellations and planets by the time I was 8yrs
( don’t remember any now lol).

3. I was asked to be a songwriter for ” Legacy of Rachel Scott”,
still in the works.

4. I am writing a drama based on Beth Moore’s fictional character, ” Angela” found in ” Believing God”.

5. I have prayed with Tammy Trent.

6. I was the only freshman in the senior plays in highschool.

7. I have mowed the lawn once, and it was only because my dad paid me $20

8. I always get my nails done a funky color, right now they have blue at the tips and blue glitter over the nail.

9. The character who played Goofy at Disney got stuck in my booster seat because I screamed so loud at him when I was 3yrs.

10. I got stuck in a tornado at Great Adventure as a child.

Eh, I am not all that entertaining, but that’s my TOP TEN!:-)

8 thoughts on “The Award and My Top Ten

  1. I would have tagged you!! I thought about Amanda too! So good choice!! You rock girl..I loved your top ten! I should have dont that HUH? I still am not awake..but trying counts! :)Princess to Princess!


  2. Angie,You are too sweet. Thank you for this precious award! I have come to LOVE blogging. It has blessed my life in a way I never knew it could! :)Thank you, again. I hope you are having a great week!Lindsee


  3. Hey sweets…love the kitty!!!! Thanks for you being you!! I pray special blessings on your life today…..remember you’re His favorite!


  4. Hey girl! Thanksfor letting me know you awarded me! You’re so sweet! I haven’t been on here much since my family has been here, I just stop in quick here and there! So, I don’t really know how this whole thing works but I’ll give it my best shot;)Thanks again! I’m honored!Love,Suzi


  5. thanks so much sweet girl! sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!! it’s been a busy week with moving! thanks for the award!! :)hope you’re having a great day!


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