LSOF: And yet I stay focused….

Hey there.

I have to be getting ready in a bit, but I couldn’t help but tell you guys something:)

My life has been blessed so much by you guys, seriously, you have no idea where I was a month or so ago; I mean it wasn’t a faith issue, it was a friend issue, it was feeling so disconnected.

So I first had to say that:)

Now, I need some prayer ladies; I start school today, and just the whole thing brings so much anxiety, it has been my one stronghold.

I am kinda done with the 7 yr plan…I just want my degree already!

Please pray first for my car, that it can get back and forth until I can replace the clutch; and then pray for just my focus to be good; that my ADD won’t affect me.

Also, something lying on my heart is, there is a person I used to work with a year or so ago, that I thought was good, but when I tried to get hired back I found out that person didn’t want me back. She was my friend, who was promoted store manager for a short time, and it was a real slap in the face when she told me to come fill out an application knowing she wasn’t going to hire me. I have decided to be bold, not a snot, but be bold and confront her;
obviously, it has less to do with getting the job back than anything.
I could care less about the job now, I mean I am making well beyond what I did there; but its just how can people get away with treating people so wrong sometimes? Like I said, it could be a miscommunication, but I have to know for sure, so be praying about that too if you can.

Alright, well, I am off. I hope you have a fabulous day ladies, God is everywhere, keep that close to your heart today, and meditate on it:)

I love yaz:)


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