LSOF: To My Knees

Good Wednesday morning to everyone.

I have wanted to write on this particular subject; I have here and there, but I have such a desire to really just let it all out…I want to write on just prayer alone.

” Beautiful Jesus

How may I bless Your heart?

Knees to the earth

I bow down to everything You are.”- Watermark

Okay, well this is a change of direction at the moment, I was going to write out a whole thing about prayer and everything, and then I just heard a voice from my heart tell me to just write it as if I was speaking to God. So that is what I am going to do.

Lord Jesus, My Savior, my everything, here and now, I bow to you.

You’ve humbled me in so many ways in my life and I am so thankful you never stopped working on me.

Lord, when I speak of what prayer really is, what it really does in the lives of believers, you have shared with me that the most awesome thing we can ever do for someone, is to pray for them.

I won’t lie to you Lord, there have been times where I just wanted to be surrounded with my own little group of friends, I wanted a little clique, but really that is not why I am here on Earth. So I embrace you.

I understand now the that I can be the most dearest friend to someone by just praying for them; because I am giving them something that no Starbucks coffee, or a trip to the mall can do; I am giving them straight into the eyes of Jesus. I have learned to say, if it is important for me to meet up with them, then I know that you God will take care of it. You always have.

We are being unfair to others when we try to be Jesus to them in their lives; just as it is unfair if we saw another person that way.

Praying to God, takes our focus away from all that, and you learn to pray for people, because God loves them, not because you want anything in return.

I gotta tell you, I have never been more out of my comfort zone then I have been these last 3 months or so; I feel like I am walking through a thick fog, and I can’t see through it, but I know God can. I guess I am telling you that I really have learned first-hand what it is to walk by faith.

Interesting part is, it started when I was on my knees:)

2 thoughts on “LSOF: To My Knees

  1. Hi sweets, came here for a little freshner after a long day and guess what? IT WORKED HA! Love you, you represent everything good about a Godly woman….smoochy!


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