LSOF: ” Word of God Speak”

Hello Siestas, and other nice people…

One of my favorite songs by Mercy Me is, ” Word Of God Speak”, because it is one that sets such a tone for humility.

I had such a lovely moment sitting outside with my cat, as we just experienced God together.

Five different kinds of butterflies mingled around mom’s garden, A dragon fly soared overhead, The wind was ever so gently and kind, and the clouds entertained me from a parade of heaven..

What occured to me at that moment; We are always expecting God to speak to our situations.

We want Him to answer our cries, and be there at the very moment we need Him..and He will be always, but I think we have to remember something…

God does speak. Do we notice?

Whispers in the wind, songs of birds, butterflies kissing the flowers….

God is really constant in His conversation; I think it comes down to WHEN we choose to listen.

I think while we want God to speak to us for us, maybe just paying attention to what He says in the surroundings might make all the difference.

Afterall, doesn’t He deserve it?

P.S- Just a reminder, officially..” Sister Freaks Online Study” starts tomorrow, Tues.:)

Be Blessed:)


2 thoughts on “LSOF: ” Word of God Speak”

  1. ahhhhh……This is one of my favorite songs to do in a worship set….ok, I did my twenty five happy entries….I didn’t realize so much made me smile….loves!


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