LSOF: Come and Listen

Hello there siestas, siestos, lurkers…everyonelse lol.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and that you are just blessed in ways unimaginable:-)

I will first confess this devotional started to be written while I was still at church. It isn’t out of disrespect, I still paid attention, but sometimes when I gotta write, I just gotta write.

As I said before, stuff was going around my brain for the last few days, so I have lived this devotional this week.

I will start with coming home from work Sunday morning, and I was not in such a great mood; I had dealt with a co-worker that had a job to do, but decided that when he got help that he would focus on somethingelse( Come on now, you don’t work end caps when there is freight on the floor to work!) Venting done. 🙂

So I was in NEED of a touch from Jesus, and I got more.

I started listening to David Crowder Band’s song, ” Come and Listen.” these are the lyrics, and then I will go on:

Come and Listen

Come and listen
Come to the water’s edge
All you know and fear the Lord
Come and listen
Come to the water’s edge

All you who are thirst
Let me tell who what
He has done for me
Let me tell you what he has done for me

He has done for you

Come and listen
Come and listen to what He’s done

Praise our God for He is good
He has done for me
He has for you
He has done for us

As I was singing that song to the top of my lungs, I looked to the left as the sun was rising, and in the sky I saw Jesus, and 3 others behind him. I could see His face so perfectly. I was in awe.

Beth’s message on her blog helped me a little bit in finishing my thoughts, and I am not even sure I completely was in sync with what she was saying; but I do know this is what I received as almost a clear conformation.

I think sometimes we focus so much on where we are now; and I don’t even mean pain and suffereing, I mean where we are. We live in a comfort zone daily. And we don’t even see it.

Our oldselves are gone, so that means 10 min ago is also gone, we need to keep pressing in and pressing on. When things are good, that’s awesome, but keep pressing in. Good is awesome, Great is better. Make sense?

We need to set our eyes on the future, not so much see into it, but look forward to each moment ahead.

When we have anything in our lives set us to this point of being stagnant, it keeps us from moving. We can’t stay, we aren’t supposed to.

God reminded me as I looked into those clouds, I see this, because I know Jesus, and that is what He just wanted to show me.

We all have our callings, and focusing on the ” How” to get to that point doesn’t do much for us, we need to just know God has got ahold of it.

I am not even sure if any of this is clear right now to you, but I am saying that God wants us to look more at the bigger picture, seeing more with His eyes into life, it is to be lived, and it is to be lived to its fullest.

Something new for me, that I didn’t expect to be called for, was special education teaching; I mean I know I could teach it, but it was definitely a heart check for me.
So that is the direction my teaching is going into, not because of me, but because of my calling.

I told my mom I prayed about it, and then today I got my financial aide award.
Nothing is coincidence with God. I know what He wants me to do.

If you have a moment not even to answer the questions, but just read the story of Joan of Arc, because she was someone that I can relate to; and I am sure you can relate also, and just because it is an awesome story about following Jesus.

Be Blessed:)


4 thoughts on “LSOF: Come and Listen

  1. Inspiring Ang! You said, “I think sometimes we focus so much on where we are now; and I don’t even mean pain and suffering, I mean where we are. We live in a comfort zone daily. And we don’t even see it.” I couldn’t agree more. I feel that’s where I am right now – but I have had very clear direction from the Lord recently to get off my blessed assurance live out His will for my life. I don’t want to be stagnant, looking back in 30 years broken because in my admission I had not lived the fulfilled life of ministry for His Glory!


  2. I did take the time to read the story of Joan of Arc that you posted. And although I was familar with the story line, it really has got me to thinking–specifically about my calling and how far that actually is out of my “comfort zone.” I guess if God called us to something easy there’d be no need for HIM to be displayed through us. Right?Thanks for your post and for the Sister Freak study!!~Cheryl


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