LSOF: Put the stone in your pocket

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the story of the Adulterous Woman, but it is definitely one that shows how amazing and merciful our God is.

I was dragged by the arm to a place of judgement.
I stood there. They surrounded me, called me many inappropriate names.
Maybe I deserved it, I thought to myself. How could I have done what I had. I was feeling so empty, so worthless, and i thought that if I had a moment of just feeling so in love, all of that would disappear, and I would feel whole again. I was very wrong.
I hear their voices and I see the stones in their hands. But I feel like they have already thrown them at me. They don’t understand how much their words hurt. They want to condemn me.
I don’t think they even know my name.

A man came towards me, and twelve others surrounded him.
He looked at me, and I turned away.

I had seen too many eyes already today.

Someone came forward from the crowd and told this man what I had done.

I closed my eyes, and prepared for an unbelievable pain.
and my tears started to form a tiny stream on the ground.

No stone was thrown.

I listened to the man speak, ” The first man with no sin, throw the first stone.”

And I watched as one by one, they just dropped their stones to the ground.
Just walked away.
No more words.

The man came over to me, and asked me, ” No one has condemned you?”

In my answer I was completely trembling, because I had realized what had happen,
” No one sir, No one condemned me.”

He put his hand on my shoulder, ” Child, go and sin no more.”

And walked away.

– At work last night, I felt like I had lived this story. Not in stones, but words.

A woman I work with, who I heard is fairly a new Christian, so doesn’t know any better yet.
I was walking back to clock in and she said to me, ” Girl, you better quit eating.”
and stunned I said, ” Excuse me.”
and she continued, ” Oh, that’s me too though, quit eating or you’ll get big as a house.”
I was so angry at this statement, this woman has no idea who I am, or how much those words really hurt.
I felt like stones of my past were being thrown at me.
I wanted to say, ” I was pregnant, what is your excuse.” but I didn’t. Because what if she couldn’t have children, it isn’t eye for an eye anymore.
I shared it with my manager, who knew me through all of that, and she told me,
” You’ve lost a lot of weight since all of that, don’t listen to her.”

I mean to you, it may not seem like it was a big deal, but that’s like telling someone who is anorexic that they are fat. When you try losing weight, the last thing you want to hear is that you’re getting worse!

Christians can sometimes be the most judgemental.

What about you? Have you ever felt hurt by what someone said. Whatever it was.
Share your story:)

There are no stones to be thrown.

Be Blessed:)


3 thoughts on “LSOF: Put the stone in your pocket

  1. Wow! That is very powerful. I have a friend going through this stage. It is hard to love them through it but I remember I was there once too. I am lifting a prayer for her. Just love her through it.Much love,Angela


  2. i love this post and i can not believe the things we sometimes say. guilty here but there is no way i would tell someone to quit eating…that blows me away. anyway, that is working in retail for you! 🙂 i had you on my heart in church today. I know u have such a heart for God girl…keep believing Him and loving on Him. He is so taken with you!! much love


  3. Tears flowing…I am the woman who was ready to feel the blows of the stones…I felt a few from brothers and sisters in Christ…but not from HIM. His mercy is unfathomable.Thanks for sharing this.


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