LSOF: Some days are meant for black nail polish..

Psalm 62:5-85

” Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.6 He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.7 My salvation and my honor depend on God [a] ; he is my mighty rock, my refuge( my trust). 8 Trust in him at all times, O people; for God is our refuge.

I wonder how many of you got a kick out of the title.

Sorry, I’m no goth, but the way I react to situations in life often is by changing something about the outside of me, so when I look at myself, if the inside of me hasn’t dealt with it, at least the outside has been accustomed to change..

Make sense?

I got my nails done today, and when I was asked what color to get; I was like, ” The deepest black nail polish you have.” It actually has sort of a beauty to it.

My friend Pat just laughed at me, ” You always get so extreme.” And that would be true.

Its a drama queen thing lol.

On a more serious note; the reason for my drastic color nail polish..

One of the things that is tough when God takes you through transition after transition, is that sometimes without warning a part of how your life used to be; crashes into pieces in big chunks.

For me, that has happened. But it’s not a bad thing.

I believe God is ready to take me places in my life; that some people I know can’t go with me.

It is a very hard thing to take in, because for so long I have had people at my side leading me the direction that God wants me to go; and now I walk on; alone.

I think I am about to walk into a wilderness that is more challenging and more difficult than any other time. The tests are more intense, and there is more demanded.

I got an instant message from a young girl the other night; she had just found out she was pregnant, and she wanted to ask if she could talk to me about it.

Talk about a total God deal; because I have nothing in my profile or anything that says I would have been able to help her. She just found me out of the blue.

I was able to convince her that she needed to tell her parents, and that if she couldn’t raise the baby herself, that adoption would be a better answer than abortion.

I told her abortion is just as bad as miscarrying.

But she asked me if I would be able to help her; and I simply told her that I can be her friend from a distance, but there is not much more I could do other than pray for her.
I couldn’t make it any easier for her, and I couldn’t help her feelings of being anxious and confused.

Only God could do that.

I wanted to share that I have a friend that I have known a very long time; pretty much was the one to formally introduce me to Jesus; and just has pretty much held my hand as I have gone through rough times. I think those times are over.

I think that God is shifting this friendship I have with this person to a whole new kind of level; one where this person isn’t as much involved in my growing anymore. She is from a distance. Its extremely weird to watch it happen, but I am okay, because God is moving; Satan tried to destroy it completely, but God stopped him in his tracks.

Its like how Moses wasn’t able to go into the promised land; God had raised up others to take his place, to go on.

I feel like I am at that point in my own life; about to embark on a voyage that takes me away from the child I used to be completely. But to me made even more alive in Christ, to look towards a new horizon, to know that its always about Jesus…that will be such a challenge, but such a reward!

I know those people will be there; and they can look on from the outside; but its almost as if God wants them to look on through the glass.

I want to ask that you pray for me in this journey; that I don’t get frightened by new terrain, and want to run back and hide, but that I am strong and can move forward.

” He is my rock, and I will not be shaken.”


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