LSOF: Living free while under the stronghold of Babylon

Hey there everyone.

Something that has really entered my mind the last couple days aside from Ephesians and Psalms, is the book of Daniel.

I turned the channel and saw Kay Arthur on television, probably for the first time.
I started thinking back to the Beth Moore Daniel study; and started saying,
” Oh, I already got that one down.”

How wrong I was.

Something God spoke to my heart after that day, was that we sometimes are afraid to repeat scriptures the way we have heard it before; like its someone’s copyright.
And it isn’t.

Anyone can be used by God to speak the word.

So on that note; I feel like digging back into Daniel a little bit from the beginning, because out of any bible story I know of; it is the one I personally can relate to most.

I am not sure whether or not Beth Moore uses this analogy, because I just don’t think she could possibly be as strange as me; but when I think of this story, I think of Pinoccio.

And I would guess I am getting some blank stares at the blog now lol.

Do you remember in the story of Pinoccio, when he was carried off to Pleasure Island?

To me, that spoke of what Babylon was like.

They played their games, got drunk, and turned into donkeys…well, not in the book of Daniel though. I am sure you get my point.

Daniel wasn’t taken by his will to this place; he worshipped God, he had such reverance for God.

The people that took him knew this; and what is so profound to me was they changed his name, and not just changed it to anything like Bob, or Rick or something like that, they changed it to Belteshazzar ;which meant chief attendant to the King, and after one of Nebuchadnezzar’s gods.

Think about that for a moment.

There is a song that the Goo Goo Dolls sing called, ” I won’t tell them your name.”

I of course always see more into a song then what it probably really means, but everytime I heard it I would think like this:

We all have a name, but if we don’t tell someone what it is, then they won’t know, so therefore they won’t know us. It can be kept a secret, we can keep a piece of who we are hidden from the microscope of this world.
Daniel though, he didn’t even get to keep that security, he was forced to be called after a god.

To me that would be as bad as being called satan, or something a long those lines.

How awful that must have made him feel.

When you take away a name, you take a way there heritage, apart of who they are.

Think of Ellis island for a moment.

All the Europeans came over from other countries, and if their last name was too hard to say, it was changed.

My last name for example is Sarich, but it was changed from Yakovich.

My great grandparents came to America with a new last name; forced to start a whole new life without being technically who they were brought up to be.

So getting back to Daniel; how do you think it made him feel?

Well, I relate to all this in a reverse way; not that I want to be like the world, but because my heritage is found in ” fake” Christianity.

In other words, they don’t really believe in God; they believe in spiritualism, John Edwards, Sandra Browne, and things like that; where God is never mentioned or when He is, He is the God they say He is…big difference from who HE is.

I feel like when I gave my life to Jesus, that my name was changed, because I wasn’t the same person anymore; but everytime I would walk into my home, I was forced to be that scared and lonely child; like the change in my life never happened.

I don’t know how many of you are on the ” outside looking in”, but let me tell you, when you truly believe in God, and live for Him, the Enemy will have darts ready to shoot daily in your home.

I go through this more than a couple times a day.

I was sitting there eating and my mom sits down and asks how much money do I give to the church; then she adds that they are condeming and that they brainwashed me a long time ago…

nothing I havent’ heard out of her mouth before, but somehow it doesn’t get easier to deal with those words each time.

If you read the second to last devotional you would have read how she blames my Pastor and his wife for me not being married with children yet.

I don’t know what it is, but if I wasn’t in school, I would be getting called a loser, now that I am in school I am not having enough fun with my life, I should be going out and meeting guys, and in her words, ” You should be out having sex.”

True Babylon, in every sense.

What encourages me about Daniel though, is he stayed strong in his faith and what he believed.
Somethign I believe I have really slipped at keeping; but getting better.

He refused to have the royal food, because he knew it would defile him, let’s face it his life had already been defiled enough, and he wanted to keep some dignity, and stand for his faith.

As I mentioned in LSOF: Putting up our shield, we need to have a good mindset to be able to live in captivity. God obviously had a lot of trust in Daniel; for His will would be carried out through him.

I mean here was Daniel, from Judah, who ended up being at the right hand of Nebuchadnezzar, how I wonder how anxious he was holding on to what he believed while serving a King that believed in something completely different.

King Nebuchadnezzar had 3 dreams; and God used Daniel as a prophet to teach him what these dreams meant.

I don’t know if I could have been as strong as Daniel, because it like saying this to someone:

” Your brand new truck is gonna break down on the highway, your dog is going to die, you will go bankrupt…” obviously it goes more in depth that that, but I think you get it.

Daniel was not just forced to stand for God, he was made to stand, it was already instilled in him, as it is in us.

Things are not going to be easy for us; God never said they would be. He just said He would be there for us.

Daniel goes through trial after trial even while being the King’s top person, but through each trial God gives the King another dream, God’s will begins to be fulfilled.

Ever hear of this: Daniel and the Lions Den, or Daniel surrounded by fire….

God was always there. Even in captivity.

A good lesson to remember.

Be Blessed:)


2 thoughts on “LSOF: Living free while under the stronghold of Babylon

  1. Hey Ang…I totally became a new creation when i met the Lord – so I KNOW I got myself a new name!Great post! God is speaking big things to you right now! Soak them in!Love you!


  2. So glad to hear this message. We do live in Babylon. Lifting a prayer for you my friend. It is even harder when the homes we live in can be that as well. you are an encouragement by your stand on things. Keep your eyes on Jesus!Blessings,Angela


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