LSOF: Steppin’ out into the Promise Land!

Hello my dear siestas, siestos, blog lurkers, everyonelse…

I wish you could picture my face as I wrote out the title of this blog post lol.
I was a smilin I was:)

I LOVED my Disciple class last night. You will never guess what the chapter was on this week;
” Leadership”- Joshua steppin’ out into the Promised Land.

I think I mentioned that church on Sunday was absolutely amazing for me, because God spoke the same word He did in my devotional on Saturday. Talk about prophectic.
It is clear God is speaking to me.

My big thing is I get hung up about not being in a leadership position in my church, but God is showing me that whether or not I am labeled one; I AM one.

I have LSOF devotional ministry, and the ” Sister Freaks” online study; I am not Beth Moore, or Joyce Meyer, or any leader at my church; but God has shown me.

So what.

I am constantly so very blessed by the comments you guys leave on this blog; I would have never thought something I wrote could really minister to someone, and that just completely brings tears to my eyes. I am SO glad that you are encouraged, and that you find hope in Jesus through simple words!

I have learned what it is to step out of the boat; as least in a spiritual sense.

So what I have to say to you; Don’t for one second feel like you aren’t good enough for God to use you, just because others around you say your not. Or appear to think that way.

You have a ministry growing inside you; and one day, it WILL shine through you so bright that it takes on its own life. I KNOW IT, because I am living proof!

I don’t know where I will be when it comes to having a family, and children, but as I said; when His love IS enough, those things each day, seem less and less as far as what really matters.

I love you all, and I pray so much right now that you are blessed in your own life, BEYOND BELIEF:)


5 thoughts on “LSOF: Steppin’ out into the Promise Land!

  1. every time i come to your blog…i say she’s taking big steps of faith not little ones…dear big steps – just wanted to say i prayed for you this day that your merciful God would have mercy on you…much mercy…for He desires mercy not sacrifice Hosea 6:6…i look to Him with you sweet girl and expect Him to do much in your life…He already is..Hos. 6:12


  2. Knowing where to step is the hard part for me right now. It’s a hard process . .Just wanted to let you know, I host a free giveaway every week on my site. They’re for products that are made in the USA. I make no money off of this – I just want to see more attention given to these products. (and more jobs stay in America!) Come check it out!Thank you!


  3. Absoluetly the perfect message for me–RIGHT NOW. Thanks, Angie for letting Him speak/move through you. You’ve blessed me beyond measure today.Love ya,~Cheryl


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