LSOF: “Gossip Girl”

Hey everyone:)

I just woke up from a pretty scary dream.

Before I went to sleep I was watching the new show, ” Gossip Girl.”

I thought it would be funny, like Desperate Housewives, or Sex in the City, but after last nights episode, and my dream. I will NEVER watch it again.

First of all, did you know that the characters on the show are 14yrs? I could not believe that.

I certainly was not doing what they were at that age. How horrific.

I mean I thought it was a bunch of college kids, at least that would be closer to normal, but highschool. Come on now.

If you haven’t seen it, I just have to tell you to make sure your kids aren’t watching it.

Last nights episode was filled with this: girls kissing, making out with random guys in a club, and stealing his cell phone to call his girlfriend….

14yrs old…yea. nuff said.

In my dream, I was in class I think, and a girl fell out of her seat and hit the floor.
Another girl and I picked her up and took her out of the room.
I remember when we revived her; her eyes were very odd looking, not human.

I decided it would be best to take her to a church, because whatever was in her could be taken care of walking inside a church. It worked in other movies I saw.

I took her inside the church, we sat down, I asked her if she was okay. She just looked at me smiled and laughed. She was possessed by something for sure. And I realized at that moment that it wasn’t the building that would help her.

Now I was afraid.

She ran outside, and when I followed she took ahold of my hand and dragged me through a field.
She told me she had something to show me; and I heard sounds coming from the woods ahead.
Whatever it was, I didn’t want to take another few steps.

Anyway, eventually I woke up.

I didn’t feel it was right to share anymore, because I’d rather talk about God!

Key thing in this dream though; you can’t change a person’s attitude just by bringing them in a building. They have to want to change.

I am worried for all those young girls that are watching, ” Gossip Girl”, because it teaches nothing good.

What happen to ” Dawson’s Creek”, ” Friends”, ” Joan of Arcadia”, ” That 70’s Show”…
I realize they all had there issues; but seriously, ” Gossip Girl” I would be afraid for an adult to watch it.

I don’t think I am just spouting off words here, am I?


4 thoughts on “LSOF: “Gossip Girl”

  1. wow-I had no idea! I saw the previews and knew it would not be a great show but I thought they were college age too. They look that old on the commercial. I am not surprised sadly-our culture has taken a sad, sad turn.Love ya girl! Good choice not watching this show.Blessings,Angela


  2. i had only seen like one preview for this show, but thanks for the warning! i mean, we should have known with a title like that, it couldn’t be too helpful! :)i love Friends! probably a little too much!!


  3. Real wisdom here Ang, it never ceases to amaze me what is acceptable in this world anymore…I keep going back to what my Daddy always said, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.Love ya!


  4. You know. I have three teens. This is one show that isn’t going to be on in our house. I can’t believe they are only 14!! From the previews it looked like a college age crowd. Regardles of the age, it’s a pretty sad commentary on our culture. You know?~Cheryl


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