LSOF: Preparing our Hearts

My dear friends,

It is amazing to me that I just worked overnight, and God is SPEAKING to my heart so much right now to write this; and it is SO much that I have to take sometime through the tears in my eyes to ask how to even begin!

“ Prepare your heart for me, as I have prepared mine for you.”

That is the word spoken to me, and it really speaks volumes.

Intimacy for Jesus; even on Sunday morning before church. What a concept right?

Ezra 1: 5 Then the family heads of Judah and Benjamin, and the priests and Levites—everyone whose heart God had moved—prepared to go up and build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem.

I didn’t try and look up another version of the bible to better understand this, because I believe it really stands on its own.

Our hearts have to be moved by God, before we ever enter the building to help God build His kingdom in the hearts of men.

How can we spread the word, if it isn’t at the tip of our tongue?

It has seemed like everyday this week, God has gotten me up like almost an hour before I am supposed to be up for school; and I open my eyes for a moment, look at the clock, and close my eyes again, even though this has happened everyday.

God speaks through little things, and I think instead of looking at the clock and wondering how much time I should have of sleeping longer, I should be looking at it at how much time EXTRA I have to spend with Jesus!

I love God so much though, because He KNOWS how horrible we are at timing, and His patience is forever;

How many people do you know that told you what time you were to meet them, and then all week long you didn’t show up?

We have such a merciful God.

Maybe you have never had “ quiet time” before in your life, maybe you have such a demanding schedule that even before church there are deadlines to meet, family to feed, clothes to wash, clients to email, phone calls to get back to…

It would take some real sacrificing to have that time with God wouldn’t it?
But have you ever thought of Him speaking back, “ Do you know how much I sacrifice for you every moment?”

God MAKES time for US.

I had a horrible drive to work last night.

Its “ Bike Week” in Daytona Beach; it’s a twice a year deal, where motorcyclists from all over the nation come to gather, just like Spring Break and BCR.

I live 25 min from my job, and it’s a long stretch of road that I have to drive down to get there.

Well, the person in front of me was taking their sweet time driving 50mph in a 55mph.

I decide I could pass him, and I begin to.

I notice there are light coming from the distance, so I really speed up, and just as I pass the car, the motorcycles are probably a 1000 feet away.

They were driving really fast, and I barely made it in to my lane.

It gets better.

I turn on another stretch of road only 10min from work, and I notice the guy in front of me is swerving back and forth. Also he is going very slow.

I am pretty sure he was drunk, and my cell was at home so I couldn’t call the highway patrol, but rather then take the risk in passing him, I stayed far behind and just kept asking God to keep me and others out of this guy’s way.

God made time for me.

Now I am sitting here on my bed, and I am just listening; my mind is clear other things, and even though I may not hear anything more of God speaking, I mean it always comes and goes, sometimes, He just wants us to acknowledge Him.

He knows our time will never be perfect, His is; so let’s try to strive to be more like Him.

Be Blessed:)


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