I’ve been awarded…again! :-)

Jenny at(Jenny Hope), just awarded me the ” Change Begins at Home” award.
I have to tell you all a little about my blog siesta:)

She definitely has the gift of mercy, its has to be her strongest, because she can go through any blog at anytime of day, no matter WHAT she may be going through at the time, and bring a fresh message of hope to that person’s heart:) I am honored to know her:)
and you will adore reading her daily devotionals, and seeing her beautiful family pictures:)

I am honored to be given this award, because change at home isn’t always so easy.
Either with family, or out in the world, but I guess she is giving this to me because I try:)
So if that is what this award is for, ” trying” to do my best to help change in the world, then I accept!

I am sitting here praying to God asking Him who I shall give this award to, because I want it to be a pure blessing from HIM, and not little ol’ me:)

The award goes to…

Jackie(All things are Possible!)- Jackie is a girl whose heart SO runs after Jesus daily, she KNOWS when she is at her weakest moment, who is the ONLY one to help her stand strong again. She has her own dealing with insecurties in life, but ALWAYS pushes through.
I just love her:) You will find interesting thoughts and just see her life on the page:)
I am SO proud of you girl!

Lindsee-(Lindsee Lou)- This girl is out to change the world:) She is in LOVE with Jesus, and HIS children, and if you go through her blogs it is FILLED with all kinds of things she does with them, and also you will find SEVERAL pictures of her with her dear friends:-) Got’s some joy in her heart yes’m:) I look forward to what Jesus will do in her life from this point on!

6 thoughts on “I’ve been awarded…again! :-)

  1. you girls are just way too cute…God sees your every move of love…God knows you Psalm 139:1-3 through and through and He has to just love what He sees…what a precious heart you have…


  2. I have tears welling in my eyes. You are just the sweetest thing with the kindest words. I am so honored!!Thank you, Ang!Linds


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