LSOF: Give us clean hearts!

For some reason I feel like I may have used that title before, but I don’t care, when God speaks a word, it isn’t about that anyway, because He will come through 10 times over with the same word, and blast it into the great beyond.

I just got back from a PHENOMENAL gathering at church. It was Prayer and Fasting,
We have it every so often.

We just have a time to just spend time in prayer with Jesus.

I prayed, I cried, prayed more, cried more, sang, prayed, cried, prayed with two people during all this that I felt led to get up and just ask if I could help them pray for something…

I loved every moment in HIS presence!

Getting back to the title though, and I am going to use an analogy that I feel God was leading me to use from earlier today.

I wanted coffee today, so I got the pot and threw out the old coffee grounds; well as I was dumping them in the trashcan, some fell to the floor, so I tried to take the cup in deeper, and more than before fell to the floor.
Coffee all over the floor, including my feet.
But I smelled good lol.

So then I went to make my coffee, poured the cup, and noticed the coffee had spilled practically everywhere but my cup! I get the sponge to clean that up.

And then, I am loading the dishwasher, thinking that I can handle this, and as I grab a cup to put it in; I notice last minute that it is filled with Kool-aid….need I say more.

It flew across the sink, the counter, dishwasher, and finally the floor!

I knew at that moment God was preparing me for a message lol.

When I got to church tonight, and I started praying I knew God wanted to show me something about being clean…

Within a couple minutes, Psalm 51 spoke from my heart, and I didn’t even remember what it was about.

This is what I wrote as I read it.

With everything that has happened today Lord, I know you are speaking that we cannot clean up the mess in our lives without you.
It doesn’t end when we give our heart to you.

I feel each time we go through something it should be like the first time we ever saw your face!

“ Have mercy, O God…” Lord Jesus, I am not worthy because of my past to ever be in your presence, but you O Lord, because of your great love, because of Jesus,
the slate has been wiped clean.

“ For I know my transgressions and my sin is always before me..” I am a sinner, I am not perfect, I am human. I can not live acting as though I am righteous- that will get me no where.

I must keep in my mind daily, that I am NOTHING with out you!

“ You will prove right when you speak.” I am not free until you say so.

At this moment, the music starts playing, and the song is “ I am free.”

I was sinful Lord when I was conceived but you broke that from my life-
I cling now to desire your righteousness.

Cleanse me O Lord, the blood of Jesus, take in to my soul.

Take away, and extinguish anything within my heart, within my day, that is not worthy of you.

Take this season I am in, and let the Holy Spirit fall upon it like snow.

I’m broken, on the inside and out Lord, but you are making me whole, moment by moment.

Purify my heart

Take this glass, the fragile world I live in, and turn it into a stone that is so encompassed by you.

I was made free—the moment you said so.

Forever, I am YOURS.

It was a wonderful time, filled with more blessing then I think I have experienced in years.

And every conversation I spoke to others after, completely seasoned by Jesus,
I KNOW I wasn’t the only one, but no matter what I am SO glad God showed up!

There were two baptisms, and the one lady was a single mom, and we were asked to come close to the stage to share in the baptism, and after it was through we sang,

“ Salvation is Here.”

I don’t know where you are in your life, but Psalm 51 is never a prayer to forget, but to keep close to our sleeve; Jesus wants us to be reminded….

We are FREE!

Be Blessed my loves,


2 thoughts on “LSOF: Give us clean hearts!

  1. I love you, sweet girl! I have missed your blog but I was so blessed by taking a few moments to come back to it tonight and read. Thank you for sharing how God spoke to your heart today; such important truths to remember!


  2. LOVE this! This is a great post. I rec. this for our prayer retreat. We all need to be sure our hearts are clean and pure.Much love,Angela


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