SF: Day 5- ” Irene Gut-” The Rescuer

Day 5- Irene Gut-” The Rescuer”

Hello dear friends, I apologize for not getting this out soon enough, but life has just been very crazy with school, and new responsibilities; so let’s just call this one…a Thursday Sister Freak Study:)

With that said.

Serving God, with your whole heart is never easy, but it is possible.

Its about us taking ourselves and dying at the alter; spiritually speaking.

I don’t know about you, but getting into the lives of these women we’ve been studying, it has really brought conviction to my own soul.

Am I serving Him with all my heart?

Irene Gut is a woman that has had that answered by the life she has led, and the legacy that is yet before her.

Like us, Irene had her own insecurities; there was so many things she wanted to do and be, but never felt she was good enough.

She was a bit of a ” Tom boy” climbing trees and riding horses.

However, boys were not her interest; visions and dreams to be a hero…was.

She was a girl living in the 1930’s, so those dreams would be almost out of reach.

Irene did learn that she could serve in her neighborhood; that God would use her even there.

She wanted to do more and so became apart of the American Red Cross; where she learned how to take care of various medical wounds, and problems.

Her father was proud of her, and told her she was great at what she was doing.

Irene told him that she wanted to become a nun.

Obviously he was surprised by this.

However, He knew she was passionate about it, so he told her to first go to nursing school; and said if she still felt she wanted to be a nun, to make that decision after school.

In 1938, she began nursing school; she was only sixteen.

Away from friends and family, she clung to reading her books.

Throughout Poland, there was rumors that Hitler wanted to take over.

Irene’s parents were afraid for her, and begged her to come home.

She didn’t listen to them.

She knew she had a purpose being where she was, in this time of history.

Irene knew that the country had deep suffering, but she was proud of where she came from.

She told this to her parents,

” If Hitler tries to come here, we will fight him and chase him all the way back to Berlin.”

Over the summer, Irene returned home, and found the Polish speaking in German.

She saw stores displaying signs to not buy from Jews.

Never in her life had she witnessed such racial issues.

She had Jewish friends, and couldn’t understand why they were no longer accepted.

She lived on the border of Germany, but Hitlers influence was stronger by the day.

When she returned back to school, war had broken out, and she spent all of her time caring to the wounded.

There was never enough food, bedding, or medicine.

She was so busy, she didn’t even have time to know if her family was okay.

The streets were full of riots, burning homes, and wounded soldiers on the ground.

This was the horror that Irene had to deal with, and she was not even 19yrs old.

One morning she was chosen to go on a mission, and while she was walking four Russian soldiers chased her, and raped her.

She became a Soviet Prisoner, and learned to speak Russian.

She cried out to God each night.

She was alone and defeated.

Two years later, her prayers to go home, were finally answered.

When she saw her father this is what he said to her,

” God has spared your life, and He has a plan for you.”

The war had to end soon.

Irene was sent to do other work and when the Germans discovererd her fluency, they had to placed in a hotel to work.

She was treated fairly there.

However, most of the time she heard conversations about the ” Jewish problem”

She witness a Jew being brutally tortured from outside her window. Her boss saw her, and told her not to be a ” Jew-lover.”

She was given a group of Jews to help her work, they grew to trust her.

Hitler’s regime was about to extinguish all Jews.

Irene knew she had to do something, and act quick.

She found a vent in her bosses room, and she hid them there, until it was safe enough to move to a forest foxhole.

The town celebrated being ” Jew-free”, but Irene knew the truth.

She ended up saving 15 Jews from death.

Never expected to be a hero, but knew God wanted this of her.

He protected her, and so she knew she had to protect them.

She was thankful that in her free will, she did the right thing.

1 Peter 2:12

Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.

Reflections:1. Have you ever been called to be hero, when you least expected it?

2. Pray with God about Him helping you strengthen your heart to serve without condition.

3. What are you doing to stand in the gap for others?

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