Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is ” Free Blog Friday”- Anyone whose anyone has their chance to post on my blog on fridays:)

I realize not everyone is comfortable having their own blog sites, so this is why I came up with this…we ALL have something to say:)

Rachael is a girl who is about to become a missionary for two years, and I am honored to have this devotion on my blog today:)

Be Blessed:)

Listen to the Silence
By: Rachael Randall

You are in My hands. You are not keeping yourself; I am keeping you. If I choose to hide you away, it is for a purpose. If I wish to give you a time of rest, it is for your own good. Nothing is amiss that is in My will. Do not think that it will be as times in the past. I have deeper lessons to teach you. How invaluable have you found the truths to be which I have taught you in your “Arabia Years.’ Arabia was not the only solitary period in the life of Paul. Indeed,it was rather insignificant in comparison to the later prison dayexperience.

One does not write what has already been written. One writes out of the storehouse of fresh revelation and his own personal knowledge gained through the painful experiences of growth. You cannot escape the growing experience without forfeiting the other. You will cease writing if you cease learning. You do not learn as you write, but you write as you learn.

I would spare you if I could do so in love; but this kind of protecting love would be false, and would rob you of much treasure. I only love you truly as I give you My best. My best cannot come to you without pain, even as it could not come to the Lord Jesus without pain. Pain is the result of sin, true, but sin is still an existing problem tobe dealt with. It must be grappled with. Empires do not simply fall,but are taken by stronger force. The kingdom of Satan must likewise be opposed by a stronger force if you hope to see it fall.

I want to make you strong. I want to be a Devastator. I have brought you to this place. Make the most of it. Drink in the silence. Seek solitude. LISTEN TO THE SILENCE. It will teach you. I will build strength. Let others share it with you. It is priceless. It is little to be found elsewhere.

Rachael Randall

4 thoughts on “FREE BLOG FRIDAY 11.16.07

  1. I want to wish Rachel the very best on the mission field. Her devotional really spoke to me.See you in class Tuesday!!Ivette


  2. i sent this to my “jesus freak” (thank you jesus) aunt and she told me she wanted to post this on your site. i love what you are doing. i love your passion to reach others. i thank god for you and will be a regular on your site 🙂


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