I have to get this out of my system…


If you read Abby(Unshackled) blog today, you will see who she is a nanny for…
and then you will be jealous…


This is my blog, and I can do what I want, so I am just going to mention Avalon here for a moment:)

This is how much they have been in my life from a distance:

– When my grandfather passed away, the trip up and back to NJ I had the tape, ” In a Different Light” playing over and over and over.

– I repeated the Christmas cd, to the point of someone speaking up about during the Christmas Open House at my Pastor’s home.

– My friend Lisa, who used to be a dj here in Orlando, interviewed Avalon; and told them about me saying,

” I know this girl Angie who lives in Orlando, and she absolutely loves your music, everytime we play your songs, she always calls, and during your concert, I watched her cry through half of it, you are all such an inspiration to her, and girls need role models…”

I did cry through half the concert, and before it, I got real anxious and actually went up to Lisa and told her I couldn’t do this, and I was going to just go home, and she put both arms on my shoulders,
” Ang, you have been bugging me for three weeks about this, don’t tell me you can’t do this.”

She led me back to my seat, and while ” Can’t live a day” was being played, ever so often out of the corner of my eye I saw her look back at me, to make sure I was okay.

– I went to the concert in Lakeland, and this time I had a letter ready for them, to which I handed to Joy Williams; who thought I wanted her autograph, and then I told her it was for Avalon.
I even remember writing out a poem for Cherie Adams, because I felt led to on Psalm 116.

I just love how much they are apart of my testimony; without ever knowing me.
and I will leave you with words that Cherie Adams wrote for me:


You need to go to the christian book store and pick up a book called Knight in Shining Armour!Be strong, trust me, you have to stay pure before the Lord.
Doing anything contrary is a trap of the enemy.
Remember, the devil knows our weaknesses, it’s up to us to fight them.
Alot of girls fall into a false relationship because they think if they give parts of their body away, the man/boy will love them more, that is a lie.
Men will only mistreat the ones who give them all that they want.
Men love a challenge. If you want a man to fall in love with you, don’t give him anything but a hug!!!!!! He’ll go crazy for you.
If he doesn’t go crazy for you, then he’s not the one God wants for you.
I know it seems unrealistic in today’s society but abstinence is the key to a happier life.
I promise you, trust me.
Marriage is like an umbrella.
God created sex for two people, man and woman who are covered under the umbrella of marriage. When a person decides he/she will have sex outside of the umbrella, it’s like being caught in the most vicious storm without covering.
It’s not too late to repent for any type of sexual activity you may have found yourself in. God is so loving and so compassionate.
Do the right thing and you will be blessed in life.
God bless you,

“Father, I lift up my sister Angie right now and I ask you to help her stay strong. I pray that you will protect her from unGodly men who will try to get her to do things that do not please you. I pray that you will send only Godly men in her path who will love her and respect her for the woman of God she is called to be.Put a hedge of protection around her so that she may be protected from any of the enemy’s traps. In Jesus name I pray, Amen”

Love,Cherie Adams

7 thoughts on “I have to get this out of my system…

  1. I *LOVE* Avalon, too! I have been so blessed by many of their songs! Thanks for this post. That letter from Cherie is really cool!


  2. Angie, this is so sweet of you to post this about Avalon and it comes from the depths of your soul not that we ever follow any man for you ONLY follow your God so beautifully and passionately BUT He uses people powerfully in our lives. Such a small world that here Abby is the nanny. I kid of felt the same way about Chris Tomlin–he so brought God to me last year–and I met him and was blown away by his humility back to me. I loved reading this. I can hear your excitement!!!! Small world isn’t it?


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