I carry a heavy heart

can’t just yet write a devotional…
Because I have to study for the math final, but I just wanted to share how heavy my heart is right now for anyone that needs healing in their life. It has suddenly brought tears to my eyes to know that there are so many people our there that truly need a supernatural healing. I know prayer does SO much, but really how much do we need to pray for God to heal someone? I mean its not exactly like how much it takes to get to the middle of a tootsie pop…I wish God would sometimes just speak up more, but He’s God, and its not right to really ask Him for more than He will do. He’s not always in the wind, as Ezeikiel found out…But He is always there somewhere close,I don’t know, like i said I just carry such a heavy heart right now, maybe its the time of year, when I know there are people out there who need God’s touch, but nevertheless, I have a heavy heart.

4 thoughts on “I carry a heavy heart

  1. it is great to see your heart!! one of the things our team talked about was the way that we pray about things sometimes. a lot of times we just pray “God heal them” and sometimes we are thinking in our minds (heal them, or i’m going to be mad!) and not that this is always the case, but the point that we got to was that God is sovereign and he chooses to heal as he will, so instead of us praying “God heal them because I know you WILL” (because we hope he will, but don’t always know that) we started praying CAN-DO prayers for each other and those request in each others lives, as a way to put our TRUST in his sovereignty over what we want to happen. then, no matter what happens, we are first praying, “God I know you CAN heal this person, so I am praying for you to heal them..not because you WILL, but because I know you have the power to do so.” so we pray a lot of Can-Do prayers for each other! don’t know if that does anything for you, but it sort of put my heart at peace to think about things that way when i’m burdened by something. That way i’m trusting that whatever happens is what is best in accordance with his will, even if it doesn’t make sense to me. (sorry if this is redundant…i’m on drugs to get better so i’m a little lacking on the FOCUS side of things…hahaha)


  2. Sorry for your heavy heart. I get that at times too. I think we all do as Christians. I just take it as my cue to pray. And pray until it lifts.Much love,Angela


  3. I think your heart is heavy because God is pressing on it. That’s a good heavy. He knows you’re gonna pray. You’re gonna care. I love that!


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