Merry Christmas to ALL:) May it be warm, and full of love and laughter!

I got my first present last night, so I may continue this entry later, but I will tell you it had SO much meaning to me.

Mark got me ” Footprints” poem on a large plaque for me to hang on the wall in my room:)

If you don’t know, that poem is the nearest and dearest poem to my heart!!!

I had a vision of meeting with Jesus at the edge of the shore.

I was going through hard times.

My grandfather had passed away, and I was a mess.

I remember, looking down and seeing footprints on the sand.

And looking to my left.

I saw my Pop Pop:)

Looking to my right, I saw Jesus sitting on a bench.

And I was standing there, hands folded, and didn’t want to move.

Pop pop told me to go sit with Jesus.

I looked down, and said, ” I’m not ready yet.”

and then looked over at Jesus, and He said to me,

” Its okay, you are doing fine where you are.”

So this is why it is such a special gift to me.

Mark, if I haven’t told you is my new man:) He treats me like gold, and I honestly can tell you its only by God’s grace that I even have him in my life!

Until now, I never thought God would give me the responsibility of being in a relationship with anyone again.

I thought I had disgraced His name so much…

But He forgave me long ago.

I just had to forgive myself.

Merry Christmas Siestas:) I love you.

And I’ll write again soon:)

Just opened the rest of my gifts…

My parents bought me, ” Footprints” pin and ring:) YAY:)…Clinque Happy:) and a new laptop:)
(I am writing on it now):)

Have a good one you guys:) Working tonight:)


3 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS:-)

  1. Merry Christmas Precious!!! A boyfriend? Yay!A new Laptop!!! How fun! Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic day! Be blessed! Love you so much!Tam


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