Tomorrow I am going to meet with my friend again to study, however it has taken a strict turn, and has made me feel very persecuted for my own beliefs, and intimidated by hers.
I spoke to a leader at my church, who told me it is best to end the studies, and let her know that Jesus is my one and only Savior, and that it is HE who will get me to heaven, and not by works as it says in Ephesians 2…
I am going to end the study. This person is too set in their ways, and I have been told that Jehovah’s witnesses can debate with the strongest Pastors…they are trained to be that way.
If she can’t be my friend, because she loves Christ, without any condition, then it is best to put my footdown.
Do keep her in your prayers though. She is a great person, but very misled.
Love you all.


3 thoughts on “Praying

  1. Angie, I’m sorry it has taken this turn for you but, I’am so glad you have a strong church you are so comfortable with that held you up through this episode. I was alittle worried for you. God is so good all the time,and Jesus just ROCKS!!! Remember Jesus had compassion on the lost but when He layed it out there He never chased any of them, He just said it and left, if they followed great.


  2. Great advice from sammie. You are very wise Angie, and you are doing the right thing. Keep praying and maybe the hold over her will be broken. You have planted the seed.


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