In the middle of good morning and goodnight…

I am about to get off to bed here, but I wanted you guys to know that God has been very awesome:) As always, but I just had to give Him praise yet again, because He never ceases to amaze me:)

I didn’t tell you guys, but I met with my friend for bible study on thursday,
but I went in prepared.

I had done research on the religion the night before, and I prayed and prayed about how I could handle this without coming off judgemental, or cruel.

What I did was I went with my armor of God- the FULL armor.

The belt of truth strapped to my waist:)

I had her open up Rev. 22:12. and I had her read it aloud to me.
” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last the beginning and the end.”

In this verse, Jesus is speaking.

I told her I understood that they didn’t believe in the trinity, but how was it possible for Jesus to present Himself as the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega….and she really couldn’t give me a straight answer.

I told her plain and simple. I believe what I believe not because someone told me to believe it.
I believe, because I have read it myself.

She told me that she has been a JW since 1988, and she has never had a problem trying to convince people to believe; showing scripture or whatever; she actually told me I drive her crazy, because I know the bible!

She also told me that she cannot believe I remember and retain everything she says.

And I have caught her in a few untrue things.

Bottom line though, I had no hard feeling, and neither did she, she actually said, that because I choose to stick to what I believe; makes her think more of me then less.

Because not everyone really knows for sure what they believe.

I had to make sure it all went well though, because I still had to work with her.

And last night at work was fine, she even came and latched on my arm.

I think if anything; I showed her how genuine I was.

And people sometimes whether they believe what you do or not…

It makes them comfortable to know you are consistent…

Anyway, so that’s that.

What a saga I have put y’all through!

You still love me though right ?:)

Good night:)


5 thoughts on “In the middle of good morning and goodnight…

  1. You nailed it there by being consistent Ang. People want to see fruit and consistency! They looking to see if we’re living what we say and meaning it…owning it! You are! You are credible in her eyes! God will do the rest!Hope you have a great nights rest beautiful!Love you!Tam


  2. You go Angie. You are so my HERO! I have learned so much from your updates on your JW friend. Thank you its been cool.God must really trust you with His lost ones.


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