LSOF: The Faithful

Before I begin this devotional for this morning; please pray for tomorrow at 9am. I am still meeting my friend, but this time it is more about relationship then religion, and I need to be strong and convey that.

She wanted to bring a friend of hers with her, and I told her I didn’t feel comfortable, no matter who it was, I don’t do well with strangers.

But you see my point ladies…

Its SOUL WINNING…and we have been called into battle to give account of what we believe:)

A friend said to me earlier today that she wanted to quit being such a chicken, and I told her she needed to, because she isn’t a chicken, she’s a Christian:)

Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:1-19; talks to the people about changing his travel plans. He told the people what he was doing and why he was doing it. He did this without fear.

” Now this is our boast: our conscience testifies that we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially our relations with you, in holiness and sincerity, this is from God- we have done so not according to worldly wisdom, but according to God’s grace.”

We all are going to be put in positions that might have others question why we are there-but Paul states clearly and I am sort of paraphrasing here, ” Even though I live among you I am still fully armed with the Spirit.”

No man in an island to himself.

Something that I thought was really amazing was how my church recently reached out to a homeless man that they had seen outside of the store a couple times.

This man was invited to come to anothers house for dinner, but he turned down the invite.

He was happy where he was at that moment, and didn’t need convincing. So instead he was treated to dinner.

Its important to meet people where they are- no matter where they are, or how it may seem.

Its more important to have a relationship with people, then a relationship with their situation.

I am sure the kinds of people Paul spoke to were sinners as well, as seekers.

I feel a burden on my heart to have a ministry based on the rock bottom reach; I want to have a ministry that gives people the first step in knowing Christ-the first sense of hope.

Paul also talks about speaking of the message until they got it, until they understood it. And in the end if they didn’t hear it; he knew he made every effort under his power.

I am sure he didn’t plow it into their heads- he changed his travel plans out of Grace. He gave them two chances! On the way to Macedonia, and back.

The goal I have set in my mind personally as a Prayer leader of the youth ministry;
Encourage students to come and pray when they feel that pull on their heart it is important.
I don’t want them to come and pray out of guilt or make other students feel guilty, I want them to do it, because they hear the still small voice.

I see a youth prayer ministry, I really do. It started with one girl who I prayed with, that exploded my heart to do this:)

Anyway, as I was saying before; its important to change direction sometimes, to go down a different road physically, or spiritually. Take a look and see who is hiding in the shadows of doubt, where the ashamed live, and where the hopeless dwell.

Give them the message of hope.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort, or time.

It just takes heart.

Afterall, we already have the ” Yes” in Christ.

Be Blessed Siestas:)


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