LSOF: Can I get a witness?

Okay, I am shouting some praise siestas:) I had a great time yesterday;)
I mean I missed my church dearly, but I know where I needed to be for that time.

I went to my friends JW hall. I know you will look at this and gasp.

But since the last post God brought to my heart on labeling ourselves, and reading the LPM blog on bondage/victory, listening to the audio on hearing the Holy Spirit, and just the message of loyalty the was spoke at the hall yesterday….it showed me so much clearer on how important sharing God’s love is, and how it is our job as Christ followers to share it with everyone.

Here is the thing about my friend, most of you know, but she is real keep to herself kind of person, and for me to talk to her, get to know her; I knew from the beginning it was something that would take some work, but I knew also that God was there to give me the strength.

She didn’t show up at work sat night, I knew something was up. But I told another friend of ours that regardless, I was still going to go to the hall the next morning like I said I was.

I remained loyal.

We are doing an outreach for the 10yr anniversary, where I am in charge of making boxes for youth girls and boys. I had to fill 65 of each, and it couldn’t be anymore than $5 altogther.
So the girls I got makeup, PTL for Walmart:) And I am still working on getting stuff together for the boys(have any ideas let me know:)…
Anyway, the point I wanted to make here, was being committed to Christ; and being committed to serve His people.

I know someone will open the box and be blessed that day. And I won’t know who they are perhaps, or what they are going through. But I gave them Jesus:)

My friend was more than excited that I went to the hall that day, she introduced me to like 15 people, but to see a smile on her face, just to see her with joy, it was more than worth the time I spent there.

I missed my church so much though; because you may not have ever been to a hall before this is what went on:

The congregation stands to sing a song of some sort, in a very traditional way(kinda like the Titanic movie where Jack find Rose during the church worship), with piano.
Then the Brother, gives a message. I liked this guy, because I just don’t know, I just love a black preacher, they always just seem to get the Holy Spirit right within the words:)
He spoke on loyalty. And I was so happy that I realized how much of the word I knew:) It was cool to be able to follow along.
Then after the message, they have anotehr song, and then a bible study using the Watchtower magazine.
The leader on stage asks a question to the congregation, and someone will be given the mic to answer it.
It was like sitting in class, so much differnt from a small group bible study.

Like I said though, it wasn’t so bad; and I felt good that I lifted the label off of these people, where I could look into their eyes and see what they were about.

Religion sometimes is nothing more then a boundary like a state line, it shouldn’t seperate us as people like the Berlin wall, or the wall in Egypt that was recently torn down.

its just about love.

My friend later told me, and I know it was hard for her to say that I have been a joy in her life, and that she knows she needs to make some changes in her life, and was glad that I always encourage her with it.

I gave her one of my journals I hadn’t written in yet; so she could start her writing.

I was blessed that God has given me such an oppurtunity to reach out.

He rocks!

1 Corinthians 15:58
Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

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