I guess I will just tell you…

Ms.Weaver walks into the class today, and she tells me,
” My boss wants to talk to you.”
So I immediately ask her why, as the entire class has turned around to stare at me.
” He just wants to meet with you.”
So after class of course I make her walk down with me.
I go into his office, as I walk in I am greeted by the Martin Luther King jr. ” I have a dream picture.”

” Have a seat Angie.” I do.

” I wanted to tell you that the News-Journal would like to interview you, because you are one of the students that was not successful in the beginning of college with math, but have proved successful with the new math curriculum.”

I told him it really has a lot to do with the teacher, my teacher now has been the only one to ever take the extra time to get me to understand; but I also believe the new curriculum does have advantages to teaching methods. Not everyone learns the same way.

So that’s the cool news, as my dear friend Tam wrote, my hard work and all the sweat and tears has paid off.

Be blessed:)


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