That was then, this is now…

Good Tuesday to everyone:)

I have to get to work on a few school assignments, but I wanted to share with you a very dear picture I have.

It is my dearest friend, and big sister, Kit Worthington, which I tried to hyperlink a story before about her, and I can’t believe I have never written one!

It all started my freshman year of highschool. She was my English teacher.

I had a terrifying year, of accusation and loss of hope.

I really needed someone, anyone to stand up for me, to care even just a little bit, and just accept me for who I was. Even though, there was never really anything abnormal about me.

I learned something over the years about people; most of the time, they change their tune, and they definitely disappoint and let you down.
I learned that a little too early in life.

Anyway, Kit stuck up for me, when I believed I was the most depressed student in her class, she said she was telling another teacher about my enthusiasm the day before…
she was ALWAYS there for me.

She moved a couple times over the years to different states, and I had a chance to move with them, but I couldn’t financially.

I was about 23yrs old and I got a phone call while I was working at Blockbuster; It was Kit, she told me she had a job propostition for me, but the only catch was I had to move with them to Colorado.

I was so set on going, I couldn’t see any reason not to, but was quickly convinced that I didn’t know what I was in for….so I stayed.

Of course I did go visit her, and it was such a blast….

I found the picture above in a box in the attic, and I hadn’t seen it since my junior year….

My mom had hid it.

You guys know the history there, are her jealousy, and I thought she had thrown the picture away, but she just kept it from me.

Anyway, so I am planning on visiting her this summer, and they will be visiting here.

But I can tell you besides God, she is the only one that I have ever known to know me for so many years, and accept me jsut as I am, and love me more because I am who I am…

I think that I can honestly say, God brought her to my life, to show me a glimpse of His love I would learn later on….

One thought on “That was then, this is now…

  1. That is so sweet. It is nice how God provides people at times to be there and stand up for us! He is so good to do that.Much love,Angela


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