Poem: Holding On Never Alone

Holding on, Never Alone
By: Angie Sarich
Inspired by the trials and triumphs that go on in my life, as well as all I’ve known,
Holding on to the fact, we are never alone.

When you feel like there is only shadows of darkness
Covering you as you take your climb up the mountain,
Take a deep breath and imagine
That reaching the top will lead you to
A beautiful sunrise,
A new beginning after a long journey, of the most difficult
Climb on your life.

Just remember to keep your heart guided by the hope
That first taught you to breathe; when you were choking
In a sea of doubt.

Though you may sometimes think
You are taking it all on your own,
Look around you…

To your left, is the person that held onto you
through your past, still holding on now.

To your right, a stranger you have not yet met,
But not hesitant to hold on during this time you face,
As if he understands what you are going through.

Finally, if you could turn around
There you would see
another friend
Ready to push you further
When you don’t think you can go anymore.

And also there to take the fall before you,
So you don’t take it on alone.

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