Poem: Lasting Radiance

A Lasting Radiance
By: Angie Sarich

I was born out of shadows of confusion
And became a child of light and wisdom
The cracks on the walls are healing
My foundation under my feet more steady
My wings are ready to take flight into the open sky
My heart sings to the glory and praises of God
Only He knew how to make way through the darkness
Only He could make the tears vanish from my eyes
Only He could teach my soul a sweet, peaceful relief
The chains that held me down have melted away
And I feel as if I am a completely new person
” The old is gone, the new is come.”
He spoke to me, ” You will always belong to me.”
The sins of my past, the shame left from hurt,
All of it has been traded to a different plain
He keeps close watch over me
And I know can hear my every breath
My Knight in shining armour, My Father, My Hero, My Everything!
To you I bow down, To you I give praise and all of me,
For you own my heart, forever in your hands.

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