Poem: Psalm of Mercy

Psalm of Mercy

By: Angie Sarich

My soul is so thirsty for you O God

And I feel the desert of the Enemy try to consume me.

I hear whispers in the night that frighten me

And I feel so on edge

I need to be surrounded by your peace O Lord

I need you to take my life into your hands

And mold it daily to following in exactly your will

O Father, My heart cries out to you, I need your help

I need you from the very depth of my being

The Spirit within me, feels so weak

I need your heavenly touch

I need your arms around me

Holding me close

O Lord, I am sure that I am nothing without you

And I cannot get very far in this life without your guidance

Please knock down the walls around me

Humble this child of Yours

I long to follow in your footsteps

I long to set my day falling into only your grace

I long to just disappear into nothing, but your loving presence

Please O Father, calm your child, give her peace, and settle her mind

I love you, and I would do anything for you, you are everything to me,

And I know that there is a greater purpose for the suffering I can see around me

And still yet inside me,

Heals these wounds O Lord

Show mercy, I am your humble servant.


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