Poem:How can I feel so far away?

wrote this poem, because I think it is something we all feel at times.

How can I feel so far away?

By: Angie Sarich

As I wake to the morning, the cloud cover

Corrupts my mind

The sunlight has been hidden by rain

And all I can think to myself is

How can I feel so far away from you right now.

People talk, that’s the way they are, because they are human

But words they say hurt sometimes,

I think how could you have allowed such cold hearts

But then I think maybe I have fallen into a different world

Because you feel so far away.

I could climb the top of Mt. Everest

And I would only hear my echoes coming back to me

A sad silence that only I can hear

Brings tears to my eyes

We would spend hours talking at night

And I could just picture you

Around me, paying such attention to every thought

But as I sit at this moment, everything is just still

And I feel so far away.

I need to be wrapped in your arms

I need to hear your gentle, compassionate voice

I need to hear your footsteps behind me as I walk

I need to listen to the wind and hear your song

I need to just know you are there

I just need to know, distance doesn’t exist

I need to know how to find you in this fog in front of me.

You feel so far away, and yet maybe you are so close that

I am blinded by you,

I need your presence Lord, please open my eyes.

One thought on “Poem:How can I feel so far away?

  1. Sometimes when he feels the farthest, He is right behind you holding you up. Angie, I am going to Jacksonville too to LPL. I saw on the LPL blog you’ll be there. I can’t wait. Do you know of any Siesta gatherings? I don’t have a lot of extra time but can’t wait!Blessings to you, Annette


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