Completely Random

So I thought I would do my own little 7 random things about me:

1. Loving, Loving, Loving my new CeCe Winans cd…I think its official, ” Gospel girl” all the way baby!

2. short nails don’t do well with nail polish. Paid $7 for this beautiful pink glossy color to paint on my nails…and looking at them, you’d never know whether or not they were mine…or my soon-to-be neice Kaitlins(who is 4yrs old); I miss my nails, but a manicure doesn’t do well with a box cutter at Walmart…believe me!

3. My best friend Jen and I like to walk to work, and walk through the aisles of Walmart singing random songs…the latest; ” She’s a brick house”, ” I’m too sexy”,
” The big butt song”, ” peaches”, and ” she works hard for the money..”
I am sure there are more to come…and we don’t sing it quietly either, if there was ever a Walmart Idol, we’d go for it:)LOL…yea so kidding.

4. I’m living in imaginary number land in class right now…math is not my fortay, yet if I could figure it out well enough, I’d actually consider teaching it…yea I know crazy; Until then my friends’ 16yrs old son is going to tutor me…(We will say teaching the thing will be much later in the future).

5. I really like the smell of pool plastic, ya know the tubes, and all that junk?
Its insanely, and pathetically mesmorizing LOL.

6. I’m learning that men really like to take scenic routes when they drive, but if they have to get something at the store, they get in and out as quick as possible.
For example, sent my man to go buy a toothbrust holder, which I knew there were plenty of, and he came back with a suction cup thing; yea, last I checked I didn’t live in Motel 6….anyway, nough said.

7. I’ve changed my hair a couple times over the last few months…and it seems I am not the only one…but did I also mention I found my FIRST grey hair!
Jen was singing a birthday party for it at work…while I CRIED!!!Oh the horror!
Anyway, so dyed it LOL.

So randomness…who shall I choose next??? How about my Tam, Jenny, and Lori.

Love you:)

3 thoughts on “Completely Random

  1. Fun post!And yeah, I had my first gray hair in my late 20s. I think that’s pretty common. A lot of my friends had already had their first gray by then!


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