I’m sorry, but I have to vent about this…

I am a Democrat, I live in FL, I’m 27yrs old.

Regardless who I am voting for…I have to say this:

It is unfair that not all the delegates are going to be counted in both Michigan and Florida.

I don’t think America sees how much this race will effect the next 6 yrs of our lives, whoever it may be.

I know I will be 31yrs old, by the time the next president is placed in office, and
who knows what the next 6 yrs will hold for my life…

I should be finished school, married, and possibly have children…so I have every right to be upset that delegates were taken away at all from our state.

So a primary was held early, what is the big deal anyway?

I never sat in that room and said, ” Okay, I vote we hold it early.”

So why are people like me being punished for some dumb decision, that we didn’t even have any say in the first place, and now…we don’t have a say in who should be President either?

Again, regardless who I am voting for, I feel like it has taken away our rights as Americans.

Thank you for reading, and letting me speak up for what I believe in.

Update: This is what I am sending out to Officials.To Whom it may concern:

I am a Democrat. I live in Florida, and I am 27 yrs old.

Until now, I have not been involved in the Political view of things.
6yrs from now, I do not know what it will hold for my life.
This race is critical for me, personally.

By then, I will have been finished school, starting my career,
I will be married, and possibly have children.

Recently, 180 teachers were laid off by budget cuts.
Everywhere I look there is a For Sale sign in front of someone’s home.
Gas is so expensive, that I use half a gallon just going 25 min to see my
family, and back.

I was told that FL was stripped of their delegates, because they held an early primary.

We were stripped of our say.

I voted that morning, with confidence.
I came to find out, no matter who I voted for, it wouldn’t matter.

Is it fair to punish all of us here in FL, when we were not even in the room when
there was a vote to hold a primary?

We never had a say then, and apparently, we have no say now.

I realize there was a decision to let half the delegates count, but that also means
half of the others, would not have say.

To me, this is a violation of American rights, and it is a poor example of the way our government is run.

I am writing, because I beg you, to change your mind, and let us be heard.

Do the right thing for America, for the little people, Who WANT to be more than
Just a number.

Thank you,
Angie Sarich

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