LSOF: A Life Empowered…

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I started a new blog.

I love my LSOF blog, but I just felt that taking myself onto a deeper level with God, and that He has placed me in this place of learning, not to learn how to deal with life, but how to really live above it.

If you have been a reader a long time, you know that it has definitely been a whirlwind journey, at times I thought I had lost myself completely, as the flesh can become such a stronghold if we are not careful.

If I relate to anyone in the bible, it would defintely be Peter; because he too grew as he got older, in life and by spirit; and my life has had so many transitions, that I felt like I was just spinning around and around, but in reality with God, it wasn’t that there was no purpose to any of it, He knew all along what would happen, and He trusted me enough to figure my way back. Sometimes He will take away everything, including your own sense of faith, and test to see how solid we really are with Him.
I’m not such a great test taker, but eventually, I got it right.

I found a lot of people saying to me, ” You know what you are supposed to do.”

I believe God’s wisdom is one of the most taken for granted gifts, I had the knowledge, I knew the bible like the back of my hand, the basics anyway.
I knew the right words to say, and when to say them…

I never thought living the life for Jesus, wasn’t the same as following Jesus.

I was actually in a blinded sense, going through the motions.
My heart had lost its way at some point.

So here were some major things I learned; we really are to not observe and pay attention to our leaders, but live our lives in a similar way, because they already have the answers on how to live a Godly life, and it is very important to pay attention, not only listen to advice, and pay attention to messages, but to really apply it to our lives, really find how what they say falls in line with God’s word.

I have a friend, who I really do love dearly, and I won’t knock her belief, but I will say I do not see joy in her life, and one of the most important things that brought me back to reality as I started to listen to her, and start to compromise my beliefs, was something someone said to me once, ” You will recognize what kind of person they are by the fruits in their life.” I am pretty sure that is a bible verse somewhere in Matthew.

Galatians 5:22-23
the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

I had a book I wish I had finished all the way through called,
” If you want to walk on water, you got to get out of the boat.”
and I can’t think of the authors name at the moment, but it is a book about living life out of the boat, like Peter did; He got out of the boat, everyonelse stayed behind, he took the risk with Jesus, no matter how insane they thought he was at the moment; He rose above what others thought, and just like me, he messed up quite a few times, but again even when he denied Christ three times, no one seems to realize that it was only He and John that follwed Jesus as He carried the cross.

I may not do everything right, but not giving up and giving in is better than someone who is comfortable with who they are and where they are.

I know God wants and expects more of me. I was created to worship Him, in all things.

In all honesty, I have always been different from the rest; and I’ve learned to accept that, because God made me the way I am.

I got out of the boat, and I doubted and almost drowned quite a few times, but I never gave up.

Now I picture this spinning in my life, as a vision of Jesus spinning me around just as a Father would spin his child around, holding on tight, not letting go.

My new journey starts here:

I can’t tell you how often it will be updated, because as I said a journey is a learning process and I am learning, and taking sometime listening to God, and journaling a lot.

Bottom line, there is nothing we can do in this life, nor accomplish in any area, without HIM!!!!

Be Blessed:)

P.S- I am moving my notes from the Living Proof Conference to that blog, because really its where God spiritually smacked me in the face, and where I was inspired to start another blog:)

Don’t just live for Jesus, FOLLOW!!!!

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