LSOF: I guess I am staying put….

Hello everyone:)

I know some of you have told me you have ventured to the other blog I started, but I have decided to just incorporate it into this blog.
For the reason that, the view I had of this blog have changed.
God has shown me this blog isn’t about my old self that last 6 months, but that it has been a place of healing for me and so many that have come here.

But I am adding a message to it.

” A Life Empowered By Christ” will be the focus, along with our little steps of faith.

I just feel compelled to press in more, and not only that, but I am on other people’s blog rolls, and it would just be annoying trying to go back through to find me.

Anyway, so that’s it really. Its about 6am, and I am just here.

I am feeling pull to put in the ” When Godly People Do Ungodly Things”, but also a pull to share a part of a song with you that has just brought me to the throne of His grace:)

When I figure it out, I will be posting:)

Love y’all:)

P.S- I have been really digging Jenny Hope’s posts lately, that really got some richness to them, she has a rich Jesus-filled heart, but I have just enjoyed them so much this last week:)
Also the LPM Blog, Beth Moore shares her heart about Worrying, using Beanie the dog as an example after Sunny died.

If you need some touch from the Holy Spirit, go to their pages!

Anyway, gonna go for a bit, and reflect. But I promise to be back soon:)



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