LSOF: By way of ” Enchanted”

Enchanted, and then the reality check:

Giselle has a life where everything is a dream come true, that sadness, and pain doesn’t exist. She is to be married to her Prince. The evil Stepmother sends her to the real world, and she feels lost and alone.
Her true love is found in the most unlikely place.
She falls in love in this real world, forgetting the fantasy, choosing the world where happy endings come with condition.

I think we can relate to Giselle. We go about our lives in the way we think we are supposed to. We stay in our comfort zones. We know nothing else then what is in front of our face. We do not take change to easily; as if it is a culture shock we are not ready or prepared to experience.

” If we do things the way we have always done them, they we will get what we have always gotten.”

We need to step back into reality, and make the choice to rise above the ” norm”,
we need to stop trying to conform to the world, and be the example the world needs to be formed into; an example and image of Jesus.

I love the part of the movie where Giselle no longer sings, instead she is in thought. She realizes the quick fix life that she has always known could not compare to the new life she has been brought into.

In the end, the kiss of her Prince was not the one that saved her, but the kiss of the one she would have least likely thought of.

Some days are so hard to live for Jesus, to serve Him, and to show His light in all we do. But we must, because we were not meant to live in the quick fix sort of lifestyle.

Things are not supposed to be easy for us.

Using the words of Robert Frost, ” Nothing gold can stay”.

Everything is possible, but not everything will always last.

It is what keeps us growing, Keeps us stronger.

And just like Giselle, we will not completely understand the way of life, until we are standing face to face, and dancing with our Jesus.

You choose which life is worth more.

What do you think?

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