A Word from the heart for Hillary Clinton….

“To those who are disappointed that we couldn’t go all the way, especially the young people who put so much into this campaign, it would break my heart if in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from perusing yours. Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And when you stumble, keep faith. And when you’re knocked down, get right back up. And never listen to anyone that says you can’t and shouldn’t go on.” – Hillary Clinton


I haven’t yet seen the video of your speech today, but I did read the transcript. In tears.
At this moment, I am not looking at you as a Political figure. I look at you as a woman
that I can look up to and remember for the rest of my life.
You fought hard and strong, and at times the circles under your eyes from
sleep depravity seemed to echo off the television screen.
I haven’t made my decision on whether or not I will vote in November,
because at this point I just feel like God knows who will be in office.
Everytime that I walked on my school campus, I thought of you,
that the daily struggles I have as a student, you have walked through before.
My life goal is to be a teacher, one who doesn’t just make a slight difference in the world,
but one whose footprint would be known long after I left this world.
I had a chance to stand at Rachel Scott’s grave, the girl who died at Columbine,
and I stood there with her friend Valerie; the girl’s life who was changed by God,
because of Rachel.
She introduced me to her, and I can’t tell you how amazing it was.
I seriously hope that you will run for President again, because I want to do MORE
next time around. I will be through college, and whether or not I have a family then,
I will be one who plans on traveling with your campaign.
I want to learn more of what my role is as an American Woman, and what it means
to lead the country.
Before this last year, I had never even turned on CNN, I wasn’t interested in Politics,
but watching you, listening to you; it changed my view.
I started to see God’s hand through each debate, through each face of each voter
that you spoke to in all that time.
Chelsea is my age, and I know she would share my strength that we need to be a better
America, and sadly, just because we have a black President, does not mean
change will happen.
I think the issues will just get covered, sugar-coated.
Color doesn’t change within a person, and it doesn’t change a person,
and I see YOUR heart, I see YOUR passion, and you poured it out on stage
I probably will never have the chance to meet you, but I would like to have an autograph, or
just a picture that I could frame on my wall. You are one my heroes, and right up there
with Beth Moore, and my other favorite Cady Mcclain.
We are all artists, we all have a engagement given by God to go forth and do what needs to be done
to accomplish things for His kingdom.
I am so proud of you, Mama Hill:) And I stand with you from a distance, and I will stand in that gap.
Just never give up, you told us not to, and neither should you:)
Be Blessed:)

Angie Sarich

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